5 ways to style open terrace for summer 2023

Open Terrace

Style your open terrace for this summer, with these 5 simple ways!

Rustic Vibe

Rattan, bamboo, or wood are a great way to give your terrace a rustic vibe. You can add bamboo furniture, wicker, or wrought iron plant holders to the mix for your rustic decor. String fairy lights on your beams for a surreal feel. Black metal poles are the perfect combination for this gorgeous look.

Go for Covered Sitting

A covered sitting on a terrace is like a gateway from the sun falling on you. You can either go in for permanently covered sitting like a gazebo or sitting with a retractable roof. A retractable roof can be installed under the supervision of terrace garden designers. It has a fabric shade which moves on rollers. You can easily roll out the fabric and get a covered sit-out on your terrace.

Add Vibrant Colours

Paint the terrace wall with a vibrant colour palette or wall art or graffiti. Add an outdoor sofa or day bed with colourful throw pillows. And if you are interested in some more decoration, add some beams with a roof over them. Hang some flower pots on the beams and place colourful loungers for rest and relaxation.

Suitable Outdoor Furniture

Create a sitting area that is both comfortable and useful. For example, you can try a setting area with some side tables to keep your belongings. Or it could be wicker furniture matching the terrace design. Choose furniture that looks like part of the rooftop architecture and not something forced upon it.

Add soothing lights

Illuminate the outdoor space with hanging lanterns or accent lighting that also draws attention to your wall art or graffiti. Or give the terrace a romantic atmosphere with tea candles along the fence or on the outdoor table. Also, you can use overhead bulbs and enclosed sconces for lighting.

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