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Baaya design

Baaya Design’s fresh festive ranges effortlessly address hygiene concerns with its selection of materials and designs. As we are heading towards the festive season in the new normal for the very first time, it becomes vital to keep hygiene and safety concerns in mind while retaining the essence of the festivals. Baaya Design, a pioneer in craft-based interior stylings such as wall art, murals, artifacts, lights, partitions, and art furniture for residential, hotels, and corporate office projects, has strived to craft handmade sustainable products with contemporary design at heart. Designed with this same vision, along with 70 different arts and crafts across the country, they have introduced diverse festive ranges of products made from terracotta, brass, copper, glass, and more. Each festive range is created keeping in mind environmental consciousness, anti-microbial material properties, heritage aesthetics, and the current need of the hour to offer a perfect balance between cultural art and modern-day functionality. The products, as per the design and materials used, are diversified into ranges such as The Zen Earth, Antique Gold, Bejeweled, and Sparkling Stories. 

Have a look at these sustainable festive ranges

The Zen Earth Range

A series of Terracotta products connecting back to your roots and nature. The ancient craft of Terracotta shows an understanding of various art forms in India. The craft has not only stood the test of time but also evolved over the years. Natural terracotta comes in shades ranging from beige to rust red and is found near water bodies. When treated with an infusion of different minerals, it results in color variations. This range includes Zen Earth Sanitizing Kit, Pebble T-light holder, and Planter Deck.

A Touch Of Sparkle

A series of Thikri products multiplying the light this festive season. The art of inlaying spherical, hand-cut pieces of mirror on the ceiling and the walls to form a mosaic is known as ‘thikri’ or mirror inlay. It is an ancient art form practiced and passed down for generations in Rajasthan. This refined art is found in many homes, temples, and palaces even today. The range of sports products like Sparkling Stories, Ganeshas, and more.

The Antique Gold Range

A range of brass Pitara t-lights adding a touch of ethnicity to homes. Embossed sheets of metal made by hammering over patterned dyes, used as surface ornamentation to products made in wood. Originally, this craft was used on big trunks and boxes due to which it was called Pitara. The craft is practiced in Jaipur and some other regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The Bejeweled Range

A series of Copper Enamelled products to add a shimmer to spaces during the festivals. Enamelling is an ancient and widespread art form, mainly used in jewellery and decorative arts. It involves colouring the surface of metals by fusing brilliant glass powder colours on it. The Persian art brought to India in the late 50s is a painstaking process and is a true test of the dexterity of the artisans. This range includes Peacock Minakari, Rays of Light Minakari, Hanging Peacock Minakari, and Toran Minakari.

Eclectic decorations and gifting items become essential to set the tone for Indian festivity but during these unprecedented times, it is important that we also think of using and addressing the sanitation apprehensions of friends and family along with buying products that are made responsibly.

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