Unique ways to use Onyx in Decor

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Onyx in Decor

Onyx is one of the most beautiful stones and has been used in different ways from centuries, we share some unique ways to incorporate it in your decor. Onyx is one of the most happening stones and has been used for centuries in jewelry, carvings, and for architectural accents. The stunning swirls and speckles of rich, vibrant color and unusual translucency make onyx an extremely sought-after material. Rarer than fine marble and highly desirable for its unique appearance, onyx remains a popular choice for architects, interior designers and customers that add a truly special touch to homes. Onyx is available in different colors and textures and is in high demand in India as well as the international market. This beautiful stone is also used in shopping malls, hotel lobby, and flooring, etc. There are different types of onyx marble and onyx stone. Onyx is available in dazzling colors which gives a luxurious look to the space. Today we share with you its unique applications in décor. 

Onyx TV Unit

Onyx forms an eye-catching accent feature in the living room or can be integrated with the multipurpose TV unit. 

Onyx Accent Wall

Onyx works best when used as a highlighter or an eye-catching accent feature in areas such as entrance lobbies, living rooms, bathrooms and so on. Onyx elegantly combines with materials such as dark wood, steel and glass. Consider it for the accent wall behind the bed and infuses a luxe look into the décor of lobbies and the entrance foyer. 

Onyx in Bathroom

Onyx creates a luxurious spa-like atmosphere within the bathroom. Consider it in the bathroom vanity or the mirror wall. Modern bathroom decorating with onyx wall tiles, bathroom sinks, onyx vanity tops or bathtubs create fabulous interiors. Onyx is a terrific, chemical-resistant, striking and functional natural stone which looks very unusual, optimistic and beautiful.

Onyx on staircase

Onyx stands out because it is a translucent stone that transmits light when lighted from behind. The treads of the steps can be clad in backlit onyx giving them an instant touch of classiness and style. 

Onyx on countertops

Onyx can be used in numerous ways on various vertical and horizontal surfaces in the form of countertops, floors, backsplashes. It can also be used to create sinks, lamps and sculptures. Onyx is available in the form of tiles, mosaics and slabs; there is such richness in this material that even the smallest item adds value to the space. Design a fashionable bar counter by accentuating the countertop and the front panel of a bar counter or a kitchen island. 

Onyx spells style and luxury, so go ahead and enjoy this stone throughout your space!

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