“Raionul de Peste” new restaurant in Floreasca designed by Karim Rashid

New Restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, named Raionul de Peste, designed by Karim Rashid.

The Wild Culinary Studio Group, which operates the Fish Market brand, has recently reopened Raionul de Peste, a 400 sqm restaurant in Bucharest, Romania, under a new concept, designed by Karim in 2022. “My approach is to create environments that will inspire, engage, and encourage positive experiences. I wanted to create more than just a restaurant, but to make the Raionul de Pește Floreasca a destination for dining.

The end result is a marriage of sensual minimalism and human experience, told through the story of Raionul de Peste’s culinary vision”, says Karim. “Raionul de Peste Floreasca was a unique concept a program for me. The idea was to create a fluid more functioning space that has a relationship with seafood. The feeling I wanted to provoke is like one has entered the sea and since the fish is so fresh it is as if you are in the sea eating the fish directly. One can’t have a fresher food experience than that”, adds Karim. The undulating decor, lighting, and furnishings relate to key elements of marine life.

The restaurant’s seating is organized into intimate coves to accommodate different-sized groups and allow for acoustic and visual separation all while maintaining a flow of energy. Emblematic of the sea, the sofas remind us of the ocean waves, giant jellyfish turned into lamps, schools of fish tuned into wallpapers, and fins reflected in the menu shapes.

The restaurant and VIP Dining room are separated by the wine gate, acting as a literal and theoretical gateway to the intimate space. From summer to winter, day to night the space exudes vibrancy and sophistication. The restaurant is warm and inviting with accent colours of emerald green and cobalt blue with glints of chrome-like light hitting the water. The custom-made lamps, graphic tiles, and sofas are designed by Karim Rashid exclusively for Raionul de Pește Floreasca.

You can find there some of Karim’s award-winning classics like the BoConcept Ottawa chair, Axo Nafir light, Deknudt Scoopy mirror, REDI Kat chair, and Martinelli Fluke door handles.

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