Alpine Chalet designed by Plus design and architecture by Claudia Sigismondi & Andrea Proto

Alpine Chalet

Located in one of the most coveted winter destinations, the Alps, an amazing holiday house is hidden by mountains. The interiors had to reflect the cosmopolitan spirit of the owner, offering something new and up-to-date to meet his needs and expectations.

With interior design by Plus design and architecture by Claudia Sigismondi & Andrea Proto, the intent was to convey a discreet sense of luxury combined with the cozy atmosphere of an Alpine Chalet, in Gerignoz, near Gstaad. Collected from all over Europe and the USA, the design pieces are a mix of new, contemporary furniture, as well as antique, vintage, and traditional. Boca do Lobo took part in this amazing interior design, alongside with amazing brands as Artemide, Prandina, Rotsen, Vladimir Kagan and many other, that together create the perfect rustic chic mood.

Mixing different textures, finishes, and shapes the design studio was able to create an amazing rural atmosphere, where the inside and the outside are one of a kind. On the inside, the Eden center table by Boca do Lobo, makes the connection with nature by its tree shape and the woody surfaces that surround it. The staircase enclosed with a glass wall increases brightness by adding multiple reflections of the open-space living area and its stunning views. On the outside, in the winter it is possible to see the snowy mountains and, in the summer, the green landscapes fulfill the rooms.

This interior design project brings together nature, luxury, and coziness in one, creating the perfect holiday home, where the landscape inside is as beautiful as on the outside.

The mystic behind the name inspires Eden. A slice of the tree of life that fell from the Garden of Heaven, this accent center table awakens desire and curiosity with its intriguing cut.

Born from master artisans and the ancient technique of polished cast brass, this statement design piece incorporates nature-inspired design with industrious welding techniques. With delicate lines and bold details, a manually engraved top exposes the heart of a golden tree, boasting a sinuous gold-plated base that stood the test of time.

The remarkable and already time-honored piece, Eden coffee table combines with both contemporary and modern design styles, and it is also available as a set of two tables to suit any environment waiting for superior craftsmanship and iconic design.

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