Interior decor trends for 2022

Interior decor trends for 2022

Interior decor always excites us whether it is home interiors or office
interiors or any other place. Here are some interior decor trends which are
going to make it big in the year 2022!

>> Wood Panels

Wood panels are getting noticed in interior décor. There are various things you can create with wood panels which are getting more popular. Wood panels in bedroom or living room to give a partition or create intricate designs, they have become very popular. So go for these designs and add wood panels in your interiors.

>> Kitchen & bathroom in trendy tiles

Kitchen and bathroom are two very important areas in the house and it is also the most functional place too. So it is important that this area gets the best design when it comes to interior décor. Go for trendy tiles in your kitchen and bathroom for more upscaling look. Add texture tiles which will give a character to your space and the much needed rich look.

>> Multifunctional Corners

DIY is something that will play a major role is making things more functional. Make the most of every nook and corner with clean and innovative room-dividing tactics.  Opt for compact and multifunctional furniture which will help to utilize every space in the house, especially those living in smaller space.

>> Sustainability bring indoor

Pastel and tinted greens refresh a room without overpowering the look and the deeper shades and add a pop of color to a neutral palette. The lush green walls in the bathroom or some plants add a rich tone. Expect to see plenty of houseplants, especially in homes without access to a garden. Plants not only complement natural hardwood flooring and neutral colors, but also help to bring a feeling of balance and joy into the home. Eco-friendly materials will be popular in 2022, including recycled and reused materials as well as those from sustainable sources.

>>Go for Very Peri color of the year 2022

Colors are something that makes a lot of changes in your décor. Infuse Very Peri, pantone color of the year 2022 in your décor. It’s soothing and calming vibes make it more comfortable in home interior. In home offices, people will want to extract the inspirational energy form Very Peri. While in bathrooms or vanity areas, the calming nature will be an asset. Brands will be drawn to incorporate this color in spaces to give it a futuristic and peaceful yet inspiring vibe.

>>Bold lights

Lights have a huge impact on the appearance of the décor so go for trendy lights that will stand out in your room. Allow LED in your room, LED neon rope light, the squiggle shapes are something very trendy. Potential DIY customize your wall decor even more while adding extra function, too, since these pieces do provide a little extra illumination.

>> Durable Surfaces

Parquet floors and geometric pattern flooring are making a big come-back in the interior design trends of 2022. Mixing parquet flooring with traditional planks maximizes the style factor while also helping you to mark out separate areas of a modern open-plan space. The contrast of contemporary lines and classic patterns looks stylish, adds character and works wonderfully against a neutral color palette. Also, there is going to be lot of buzz for the porcelain tiles which are available in huge number.

Featured Image: Courtesy LUXXU

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