System Ceramics: the rebranding in line with Coesia

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System Ceramics

System Ceramics, the Coesia company, an international leader in the production of technologies for ceramics, presents the Company’s new brand identity, implementing a series of actions aimed at strengthening its positioning in the mechanical-ceramic sector on a global scale.

Through this rebranding operation, System Ceramics aims to increase its international brand awareness, attract new customers and talents, and reinforce its presence in the market through a path of growth and the enhancement of its business model.

Despite a complicated year for various aspects, the Italian technologies and machinery for the ceramic industry sector closed 2022 with increased revenues: according to the estimate drawn up by MECS – Centro Studi Acimac, the turnover of the entire sector amounted to 2,164 million euros, up 5.2% on 2021. Both exports and domestic demand grew, a reason for which System Ceramics looks to the future with optimism, now benefiting from belonging to a solid and international organization that promotes a collaborative work culture for developing innovation.

With the rebranding, System Ceramics aims to create an ecosystem of new opportunities to further strengthen and expand its know-how in terms of research & development through collaboration with the network of over twenty international Coesia companies. Thanks to these new opportunities for dialogue and cooperation with Group’s cross-border team, System Ceramics aims, in fact, at strengthening the business and its global presence in the sector, maintaining technological excellence as a driver for all its developments.

“Two years after the total acquisition by the Coesia Group, we can announce an important growth and development project which will allow us to exploit points of strength nurtured over the years, focusing always on the expectations of our stakeholders” Luca Bazzani, CEO of System Ceramics, has declared, adding: “With this step, we further consolidate our commitment to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers and partners, with the objective of revolutionizing the ceramic sector production chain thanks to effective and cutting-edge technologies which generate excellent aesthetic and functional results in full respect of the environment and compliance with the ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – criteria shared with Coesia.”

A new identity, in line with new market demands

System Ceramics’ rebranding starts with the new logo. A symbol that, with the new colours, will make the Company’s belonging to the parent company immediately recognizable and which will be expressed in every campaign, structure and product with the intention of underlining the sharing of values and intentions with Coesia. From this perspective, System Ceramics has just launched a campaign to position and promote the new offer of the Company which is changing face to keep up with the times and respond to new market demands: ever more efficient and innovative machines which are also safe for the people that use them and aligned with an increasingly sustainable production chain.

The concept of the campaign involves a mix of on and off lines with the goal of reaching all the System Ceramic’s target stakeholders to increase brand awareness in the various areas covered by the Group, both in Italy and abroad. According to CEO Luca Bazzani, “System Ceramics has always been ready to face new challenges and in the future will do so together with the other Coesia companies, with which it shares a common vision of the future.”

With this rebranding operation and the growth and development opportunities that will derive from it, System Ceramics is confirmed as an undisputed leader for technologies dedicated to ceramic processing, able to dictate the innovative technological standards of the sector at the global level.

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