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Chetan Kajaria and Rishi Kajaria- Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

Chetan Kajaria and Rishi Kajaria, Joint managing directors- Kajaria Ceramics Ltd talk to The Tiles of India about how their brand can boost the tile production and bring India on the numero uno position

 According to you, which are the points of strength of the Indian ceramic industry?

The low cost of production is a major strength of the Indian ceramics industry apart from providing international quality products at an affordable price. The growing replacement market also helps in the growth of the industry.

Do you have any plans for joint ventures with an international brand?

We are not looking at any joint venture with an international brand; we are in fact furthering our strategy for joint ventures with local manufacturers. But we already have technical collaboration with SACMI, who is providing the latest machinery to us along with other companies in Italy and Spain for digital machinery.

What are the things essential to make India the number 1 country for tile production?

One of the major concerns for the industry is seeking imposition of anti-dumping duty on all tiles imported from China. Another concern is the pricing of natural gas/LNG which is the main cost component for this industry. The industry is currently paying $15 per MMBTU, which is the highest in the world. If the rates could be reworked to say $10 per MMBTU, this benefit would be passed on to the consumers making the tiles more affordable to the people and to increase the production capacity.

What does the future of the Indian tile industry look like?

India is the 3rd largest producer of tiles in the world by producing 750 million sq. meter tiles per annum and growing 13-14% annually. Despite being the third-largest producer and consumer in the world, the per capita consumption of tiles is 0.52 sq. meters per annum, which is the lowest within the top 10 consuming countries including China, Iran, Vietnam, and Indonesia. With the prime minister’s Mission of Housing for all till 2022, consumption should increase.

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