Zaha Hadid Architects gains victory for London skyscrapers

Zaha Hadid Architects gain victory over the pair of London skyscrapers

Zaha Hadid Architects ‘Vauxhall Cross Island, which was affected by too many controversies at the initial planning stage, has now achieved approval in south London. The local council board this week approved the design for the 53 and 42 story tower attached by a shared podium.

Vauxhall Cross Island will provide 23 immediate homes on site, and contribute 30 million towards homes at an affordable rent, equivalent to providing 30 percent off-site affordable housing.  Zaha Hadid Architects will replace the bus station that currently holds the site area by Arup designs. Lambeth Council has already agreed with a land swap with VCI Property consisting to change the way the Vauxhall in the two-dimensional road.

The Vauxhall Island Project will be the first project undertaken by team Zaha in the U.K for a private client. Recommending the scheme for approval, Lambeth planners praised the ’slender rectangular towers’ which they said were more in keeping with the style of other nearby towers than the ‘round, stocky, sloped towers’ of the Squire & Partners scheme.

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