8 ways to Style Geometric Tiles

8 ways to Style Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are cool! We bring you 8 ways to style Geometric Tiles!

Nothing spells a cool design quotient more than the latest geometrical tiles with some of the most interesting designs and combinations that are possible in mosaics and collages. Geometrical tiles are preferred both by designers and homeowners and are a rage at the moment. Let us help you explore some for your space!

Bold In Black, White, and Grey Hex

You can go daringly bold with the chequered hexagon black and white mosaic tiles, guaranteed to give you a stand-out look. Black and white create a graphic impact that is difficult to miss. And once you have these striking tiles you don’t even need too many accessories, because all eyes will be on this feature pattern! You can get a similar look with the large hexagon tiles which come in black, white, and grey. Mix and match or use a single color for a great take on this geometric aesthetic.

On the Grid

One can create a strong design statement simply by using plain square tiles with an interesting color grout. The grout frames each tile, creating a synergistic pattern where a negative and positive play off one another. By simply using inexpensive square tiles in pink color and surrounding them with bright white grout, the geometric pattern can emerge offering a look that is calming and a sophisticated design experience.

New in Natural

How about bringing nature to your home? If you are looking to bring the outside in and add a touch of nature in your home, then you might want to consider the beautiful stone cut, a collection of beautiful tiles that take the hexagon trend a step further. Elegant and ultra-stylish, these tiles are suitable for both walls and floors and look awesome almost anywhere in the home.

Basking in the Basic

If you are looking to create some drama with your geometrics, why not consider the stunning stone glass or mix mosaic tiles? With a beautiful mix of frosted glass, floral glass inserts, and marble, a geometric design is easy to achieve and is highlighted very effectively by the use of a lighter grout. These tiles can also be used on their own as statement walls or deployed as an accent for a unique and impactful look.

Draw the Lines

Decide what you want to be the focal point in the room. Mosaics in the bathroom can be set diagonally for more interest. It mimics the directionality of the water from the showerhead. In kitchens, you can do the backsplash and one vertical stripe, there’s less cutting than installing the entire tile diagonally. The high-contrast colors create strong diagonal lines to lead the eye to the focal point that you wish to highlight while simultaneously providing a fresh visual relief.

Weave Geometric

This timeless design uses a mosaic of tiles with tiny squares that resemble the over-under stitching motion of a woven basket. Basketweave mosaics deliver soft patterning and can be styled in a traditional or contemporary way depending on the surrounding tiles and decor. Also, a great choice if vintage is your style language!

Chic Chevron

Similar to herringbone, this layout instead has the shorter end of the tiles lined up to form a mitered 45-degree joint. Unless your tile is specifically designed for this layout, it will have to be cut to fit. By mixing and matching different colors you can create a bold chevron design. This is always a top choice because it’s endlessly stylish and classic at the same time.

Bring the Shine

Easily deployed to create an impressive geometric chequerboard display, these highly textured patterned tiles in a metallic finish will reflect light around a room, making any space look bigger and brighter. The metallic square floor tiles are a trend to watch out for as they will only develop and stay trendy in the times to come!

So as you can see, there are lots of ways to get an amazing geometric look using tiles.

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