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A luxurious Forest House in Italy designed by Ashley Gadeova

A luxurious Forest House in Italy designed by Ashley Gadeova evokes emotion through its unique use of materials, texture and lighting. Located in Piemonte (Italy), the Forest House project is a beautiful residential design that is defined by the balanced use of natural and durable materials such as marble, wood, and metal.

Designed by a Rome-based designer, its strong contemporary feel and sophistication come mainly from its connection to the forest and the mountain environment which was the main inspiration for the entire interior design.

Piedmont Region, called Piemonte in Italian, is one of Italy’s most picturesque regions, which is bounded on three sides by the Alps, making it a lush, green, fertile, and beautiful destination,
which makes it a great place to search for inspiration. As you know, the Italian tradition of understanding beauty, art, and the good life can be found in almost every aspect of the home.
Natural high-quality materials such as wood, marble, or stoneware, play an important role in
defining the look of an Italian-style interior design.

Italian-style homes aren’t just luxurious, they literally offer top-quality detail and the finest
craftsmanship from the walls, to the floors, and furniture. The colors are always carefully chosen
and placed to create a look that is elaborate, and elegant at the same time. It’s about timeless
design in all things, something that can easily be spotted in this fabulous project designed by
Ashley Gadeova.
“I have been an interior designer for many years now. I have dedicated all of my time to caring for
and cultivating this passion that I discovered when I was a child. I consider my style to be
balanced but with strong contrasts, and I believe that my interiors are an expression of who I am”

The talented Italian rising star, Ashley Gadeova has collaborated with multiple architecture and
interior design studios, as well as private clients, on a worldwide level. From Italy to Nicaragua,
Costa Rica, India, and South Africa, Ashley’s work is famous for bringing sophistication to any
space, whether we are talking about the residential, hotel, commercial, and retail environments.
In 2014, she created her company ADiseño interiors in Managua, Nicaragua, but five years
later decided to move to Italy to become an expert in the field of Italian interior design. Here she
decided to reinvent her design practice and start a new chapter as Ashley Gadeova Interiors.

As for her signature style, the designer combines two different visions in one to create her
balanced interiors. “On one hand, there is the modern style in which I make a lot of bold use of
color, with different textures, always contrasting with each other, all enriched by a feminine
touch, delicate and with purely artistic nuances; on the other, there is the contemporary style,
characterized by neutral colors, a more sober design and refined use of noble materials such as
brass, marble, and wood, as in this house.” Having lived and worked in different parts of the
world has allowed Ashley Gadeova to develop her own very personal style, the result of the
mixture of different styles and cultures in one sophisticated space.

“The inspiration I found in imagining the house I would like to live in, immersed in the woods,
with high ceilings, large windows, spacious, the furniture strictly necessary, clear and clean
lines, a modern style, but with that touch of preciousness that marble gives and the
warmth that comes from wood. All complemented by large chandeliers and fine furniture.”
Ashley wanted to create a contemporary home design that, despite being in a forest, would be
pervaded by a strong source of light that enhanced the beauty of the natural materials used
throughout the design. Its high-end appeal is provided by the beautiful contrast of the Calacatta
and Imperator dark marble used throughout the floors and walls. All of the bespoke furnishings
and lighting designs belong to the signature collections of top luxury brands, such as
DelightFULL, Essential Home, Caffe Latte, among others.

“Each time I start a project I spend the first few days thinking about the project itself, I imagine it
from different perspectives, with different colors, textures, and materials and in the end, I
choose the one that gives me the most emotion”, explained Ashley. The entire residential space
is defined by an open space concept with four-meter high ceilings, which allow us to see the
contemporary flow between the kitchen, dining room, and living room.
This concept transports you to the heart of the forest where you are fully surrounded by nature
and are immersed in its majesty. Ashley even enhanced that “the fact that there are no clear,
impassable boundaries, and the typical heights of tall trees that seem to touch the sky, give a
feeling of freedom and grandeur”.

It is in the living room area that we find the main statement wall of the entire interior design that
features a custom luxury fireplace in its central position and one mirror and one bookcase on
each side, giving another sense of depth to the space.

The other walls in the background were covered with solid wood and the whole room has also
been embellished with brass and black metal details. The space is composed by unique
signature pieces from Essential Home’s collection, such as the Sherman sofa and the iconic
Zelda single sofas created by Italian design legends known as Studiopepe, which were one of
Ashley’s favorite pieces due to their shape and color. However, it is indeed the luxury lighting
choices that really highlight the sophisticated look created by Ashley Gadeova. The interior design
decided to go with more minimalistic black lighting options from DelightFULL’s heritage
collections, including the beautiful Duke floor lamp, the iconic Coltrane wall lamp, and (of

course) one of the brand’s most famous best-sellers, the Coltrane Pendant Lamp. With a
minimalist and industrial feeling to it, Coltrane is a minimalist suspended ceiling light that
features a unique industrial style feel, making it a really versatile piece.
Neutral colors predominate in the entire design, providing an elegant and sober look to this
luxurious forest house design, including the kitchen and the dining area. Although these soft
colors are the core of the interior design, Ashley decided to add the right color details through
Essential Home’s iconic Isadora dining chairs, a best-selling product from their unique capsule
collection with Studiopepe.

Overall, Ashley’s main goal was to create a space in which the simplicity and essentiality of the
natural elements coexisted in harmony with the luxury charm.“I like to think that when you enter
an environment that I create, the user is enveloped by a pleasant sensation, both to the eye and
to the touch, thus giving them a pleasant and, above all, unique sensory experience”, enhanced by
the interior designer.

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