Modern classic villa in Riyadh by Karim Abdul Muttalib

Modern classic villa

The modern classic villa in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has been designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib of K. A Interior Design.

A truly magnificent villa, located in one of the most fast-growing environments in the world, the grandiose Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is a blend of modern opulent design. Set in otherworldly landscapes of the luxurious Riyadh, the villa is designed by Karim Abdul Muttalib, from k. A. Interior design in partnership with Covet House.

Created with 10 different rooms, the opulent villa combines the luxurious and quite recognizable Arabic aesthetic, where the modern classic vibe is felt throughout all the rooms.

The golden details and artsy pieces in the entire house define the overall look and the magnificent architecture of the space complements the decor. Gathering inspiration from the city itself, with the most elegant furniture, lighting, and accessories pieces, Covet House joined forces with K.A. Interior Design studio to create this modern classic masterpiece set in Riyadh, the land where no dream is big enough and the most exquisite, deluxe taste is in every corner.

Connected to the dining room, the entrance is the welcoming zone to an open space luxurious experience. Right from the start, the modern classic vibe is present throughout all the elements, where the contemporary artistic decoration clashes with the classical boiserie in the walls. The show-stopping Lumiere Round Mirror is sure to make an astonishing first impression of the house.

High-ceilings provide this modern classic dining room on a grandiose scale, leaving room for every masterful piece to breathe. Modern by design, the kitchen is fully equipped with the latest and state-of-the-art amenities. Classic ornamental lighting and organic shapes of the counter stools create a powerful statement. A small counter for a rush breakfast or a quick meal is the perfect place to start the day.

Using very sober colors throughout, the fabrics and textures of the bedroom are jaw-dropping. A mix of classic touches like the boiserie in walls and the decorative pieces gives a contemporary feel with the golden details scattered all over the room and the overall architecture of the bedroom.

The epitome of the modern classic aesthetic in this opulent project is the colossal living room. The large open space area combines the kitchen, hall, and dining room. With a very clear design, the living room contrasts the softness and richness of the fabrics, with the harshness of the materials and finishes of the furniture pieces. The earthy colors and elements compose the pieces in the living room to contrast with the architecture and modern esthetic of the space.

An open space deluxe bathroom grants an even wider sense of the space. The Diamond bathtub takes the center stage which is also a true statement piece for a statement project. The lighting pieces offer this space a glamorous and rich aesthetic.

Following the same esthetic of the other rooms, the office area is most in earthly elements with the use in its composition like the woods and textures, creating a wealthy appeal with the gold details without compromising on style or being too overpowering.

The children’s bedroom is heavily inspired by dreams, where no goal is too far to reach, but still a very exquisite and powerful aesthetic. Cloud bed is the perfect little refuge for a peaceful and calm sleep, where all the other elements will take the talk to another far away and otherworldly adventure.

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