Bathroom tiles for 2024 by WOW Design

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WOW Design presents a selection of unique trend-setting bathroom tiles for 2024, created with its signature collections, with all the proud authenticity of ceramic tiles

Bathrooms have become the home’s private sanctum: a refuge with an increasingly personal design, carefully planned to fit in with prevailing trends and personal tastes and lifestyles. The brand is a specialist in the design and development of bespoke one-of-a-kind signature tiles. With 20 years of experience in tiles for material specifiers, it is present in 90 countries worldwide.

Bathrooms for 2024

Living spaces and materials with natural ties

Natural looks are very much in fashion today. We strive to create unique, intimate, luminous settings, using natural materials that tie in with our surroundings, fostering warmer, more human experiences. WOW’s tiles and the authenticity of their natural materials provide that link with nature. Small tiles in a mix of warm and neutral shades can be harmoniously combined on walls and floors to tell a story, transforming living spaces into cosy, meaningful backdrops.

A perfect combination of artisanal white and terracotta tiles

Terracotta-coloured tiles can be combined on walls and floors with one of the wide variety of off-white glazed models. One peculiarity of small-format tiles is how easy it is to use them in different combinations, whatever the setting. In this bathroom, artisanal tiles in two different natural colours have been combined. Each ceramic tile is unique, with an uneven surface that offers a glimpse of the tile’s elegant bevelled edges, infusing walls or floors with a certain movement. This carefully conceived colour combination contributes to the creation of cosy settings where every little detail reinforces the beauty of the living space and its natural charm.

Bright vibrant colours unique to glazed tiles The two bathrooms in this home are based on a similar design, with bright-coloured floors combined with a use of white. What sets them apart is the fact that a different colour has been chosen for each bathroom: vibrant blue and dark red, using glazed tiles by WOW. The skirting tiles combine white with the same colour as the floor to create striking bands of colour with a cheerful, cosmopolitan air. By using these bold, bright colours, a unique ambience has been achieved. A big, strategically located mirror ensures an added sense of spaciousness.

Green is here to stay

As a source of inspiration, green has become a way of paying tribute to nature. On walls and floors, one single colour can be used for the whole surface or else it can be combined with other colours from the range.

>>Modernity: In the first bathroom by WOW, the tiles combine to form a grid, with geometrical patterns of different sizes. The coloured tile joints have a dynamic effect, guaranteeing unique end results.

>>Movement: Green has also been used in the second bathroom. The walls have a volumetric surface with amazing visual effects, from waves to triangles, lending the bathroom depth and texture. The bathtubs have been clad in the same tiles as an added distinctive touch, ensuring visual uniformity and further highlighting the green tiles’ links with nature.

Visual effects triggered through volumetric interplay

This bathroom by WOW is a spacious room in a modern shade of blue, with wall tiles whose wavy surface and volumes infuse it with movement and vitality. The tiles trace angular waves of three different sizes across the surface, combining to form horizontal bands with a strong sense of depth and movement. This gives a whole new twist to the bathroom, making a striking, dynamic visual impact.

Special tiles in unusual shapes

Discovering the different shapes of WOW’s tiles is an amazing experience! As well as the usual square and rectangular formats, they come in all kinds of other more sophisticated, less conventional shapes, such as hexagons and feather, trapezoid, or diamond shapes. The subtle nuances of this bathroom’s elegant oval tiles add a more personal touch. WOW’s tiles recreate the effects of colours diluted in water, applied in transparent layers, evoking the delicacy of a real watercolour. Their fluid, transparent shades infuse this living space with depth, movement and, above all, chic sophistication.

Bright colours with 3D effects!

WOW Design presents two vibrant, highly original bathrooms that have been given an unforgettable, highly personal twist. Their rich shades fill the whole room with colour, energy and vitality. The ceramic tiles bring charisma, geometrical interplay, and a touch of authenticity to the bathroom. To break away from the typical smooth walls, tiles with textures and surfaces with 3D effects have been used in a genuine ode to architecture.

Generation Z techno designs

For tech native generations with an appreciation of digital aesthetics, WOW presents two bathrooms that capture the essence of today’s digital graphics. By using unusually small tiles, eye-catching visual effects can be achieved that transport us to a fascinating digital world. Thanks to the small format of the tiles, distinctive, off-beat visual effects can be achieved. Continuous designs and unusual patterns have been combined to make an innovative, unorthodox visual impact.

Geometry as a leitmotif

For perfectionists and fans of geometric patterns, WOW has come up with a ground-breaking, modern- looking bathroom where a combination of versatile modular formats has been used, offering limitless geometrical potential. The design is based on grids of tiles that form squares and rectangles of different dimensions, with visually intriguing results. Each tile is made up of different parts, inviting you to explore its shapes and structures.


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