Ceramic tile surface trends for 2024

Have a look at the ceramic tile surface trends for 2024

The Spanish ceramic tile industry is renowned for its long-standing history, ongoing innovations and commitment to sustainability. Thanks to these three factors, ceramic tiles have outstanding potential for transforming spaces, providing superb benefits in terms of their use and maintenance, as well as a wealth of aesthetic and design options. 

In terms of aesthetics, Spanish manufacturers develop their collections in line with the latest design trends, supported by an essential tool: the ‘Guide to Home Trends,’ published annually by the Home Trends Observatory (OTH), made up of several Spanish institutions dedicated to researching habitat design. 

Outlined below are some of the key trends in tile decors and patterns for 2024, compiled by the OTH:

What follows is an introduction to the principal lines in decors and patterns for ceramic tiles surfaces in 2024, compiled by the OTH:

In response to climate change and the shortage of natural resources, the Spanish ceramic tile industry has joined the drive to conserve nature and our planet. “Custodian” is a trend conceived to work with nature instead of depleting it. 

This trend features finishes that heighten the sense of materiality with rough and uneven surfaces with a coarse appearance, featuring cracked and even burnt effects. In turn, the patterns emulate natural effects such as water, clouds and forests. Its colours include shades of blue and emeralds, lush greens and shades of orange and terracotta.

Well obsessed
The notion of the home as a place of refuge underlies the concept of an invisible and comforting design that seeks a balance between well-being and sophistication. Aware of these emotional needs, the Spanish ceramic tile industry has centred its attention on the use of neutral, calming materials with a sensorial feel, perfect for designing restorative settings.

This trend features organic rounded forms and finishes that transmit a sense of warmth such as micro-reliefs or fluted forms. Its colours are focused on pastel tones and soft pale shades.  

Take Memory
Looking back to the past, recovering its essence and taking it as a starting point for creating new narratives is a trend that has emerged in response to the uncertain times we live in: a trend that seeks to merge a sense of longing for the past with a modern, urban lifestyle. 

This trend is characterized by visually striking tiles, featuring geometric patterns and bright colors with a nod to the digital age, creating sensations of movement and rhythm. Its colors include a playful mix of greens, mid-blues and dyed pastel tones. 

At a time when physical and virtual environments are becoming increasingly interchangeable, this trend reveals a universe of surprising designs, immersive worlds and visionary solutions. This is a trend that seeks to represent the future, sophistication and luxury through glossy, reflective and metallic surfaces, marble-effect finishes and dark tones with a futuristic feel. Also present are symmetrical designs, mirror patterns and modular designs that are a fabulous invitation to explore the versatility that Tile of Spain offers.  

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