Monday, February 26, 2018
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Worried about taking a tiling task and also bit confused


Selecting the right cladding for a project is one of


Tiles have become an integral part of homes decor. Here is why. While tiles are technically anything that is cut into equal sizes and laid

Kitchen is the hot spot for activity in most homes and thus needs to be inviting yet easy to maintain. With modular kitchens becoming

Tiles are ideal for bathrooms because they are water resistant, stain resistant and easy to maintain. So don’t think twice before using tiles on

If you would like to take an informed decision when it comes to selecting tiles for your space, here are a few tips to

Handling sheets of mosaic tiles can take a bit of practice, but the results are really worth it. Step 1 Start by spreading mosaic tile adhesive

You’ve been hearing a lot about large, thin porcelain tiles (TPT) in recent times. The light weight, environmental benefits of these tiles - which

For most tile fans, the more tile, the better. One can mix and match, cut tiles to bring about these patterns on walls and

How to cut wall tiles Unless you’re tiling a small area like a splash back which you can restrict to whole tiles only, you’ll need to cut your tiles to fit.

Hard ceramic and quarry tiles can make an attractive floor covering in your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or conservatory. They're hard-wearing and easy to look