Choose the Perfect Wall Tiles to Decorate Your Home

Wall tiles are a versatile and affordable way to update and elevate the style of any room in your home. From kitchens to bathrooms to living areas, tiles can bring life and visual interest to walls while also serving functional purposes like water resistance. This article will explore the many options for incorporating various types of decorative and functional wall tiles.

With their durability, easy cleaning, and a multitude of design possibilities, tiles are a smart choice for high-traffic areas that see daily use and wear. By selecting the right tiles for each space, you can both beautify your home and protect walls from moisture, scuffs, and damage over time. Keep reading to discover ideas and inspiration for using tiles throughout your interior.

Choosing the Perfect Tile for Your Kitchen Walls

Kitchen wall tiles designs

The kitchen is one area that truly benefits from the installation of wall tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles all hold up well to the demands of this hardworking room. Their nonporous glazed or polished surfaces provide a wipeable, bacteria-resistant surface ideal for containing spills.

Some top tile picks for kitchen backsplashes and walls include:

  • Ceramic tiles – Inexpensive, versatile, and waterproof. Great basic options in a huge variety of colours and surface textures.
  • Porcelain tiles – Very durable and moisture-resistant. Can look like stone or resemble materials like wood.
  • Quarry tiles – Traditional look with an industrial vibe. Very tough and fade-resistant.
  • Glass tiles – Clear or coloured panes bring shimmer and dimension. Works well mixed with other materials.
  • Metal tiles – Copper, brass, and nickel options deliver a sophisticated metallic accent. Requires more maintenance than other options.

Coordinating your tile choice with your cabinetry, countertops, and overall design style ensures a cohesive, pulled-together kitchen aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to mix materials and patterns for visual interest. Properly installed tiles will stand up to the job for years to come.

Prettying Up Other Interior Spaces with Tiles

While the kitchen benefits most from tiles’ practical qualities, decorative wall treatments can upgrade spaces throughout your home. Here are some additional ideas for incorporating tiles:

Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Walls

Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles provide moisture resistance ideal for bathrooms. Opt for large-format tiles or mosaics around tubs and showers. Consider textured surfaces that don’t show water spots. Tile the walls fully or accentuate them with chair rails, wainscoting or glass mosaics.

Living Room Accents

Living room wall tiles

Liven up plain walls with statement tile backsplashes or feature walls. Patterned options like textiles or cement tiles add visual interest without overpowering. Frame fireplaces, mirrors or built-ins with decorative trim tiles. Consider small-scale glass, metal or penny round tiles to mimic traditional scrapped plaster walls

Entryway and Mudroom Surfaces

Entryway wall tiles

Practical yet pretty options like glazed porcelain or colourful ceramic wall tiles prevent dirt from being tracked inside from surfaces while welcoming guests. Lay tiles vertically on high-traffic zones from floor to chair rail or full height.

Laundry Room Floors and Lower Walls

Laundry Area Wall Tiles

Waterproof tiles protect walls in damp laundry environments. Install floor-to-wall tiles or chair rail height wainscoting. Choose bright, easy-to-clean patterns or neutrals that coordinate with the space. Large-format quarry or porcelain mimics expensive stone with less maintenance.

Powder Room Touches

Small half-baths needn’t sacrifice style. Illuminate compact spaces with mirrors framed in decorative tiles or full wall mosaics. Consider clinging vinyl tiles for a modern, low-maintenance faux tile look suitable for tiny areas.

Creative Tile Techniques to Elevate Any Space

Once you’ve selected the ideal tile material for your project areas, play with creative installation methods to take your design to the next level:

  • 3D tiles – Stack tiles at variable heights, offset rows or create textured walls with diamond or herringbone patterns.
  • Peel-and-stick tiles – Removable, water-resistant tile sheets adhere directly over any clean, dry surface for a polished upgrade.
  • Tiled mirrors – Frame mirrors in accent tiles or embed trimmed tile sheets within mirrors for reflective popup patterns.
  • Mosaics – Create intricate designs by precisely setting small tile pieces in cement. Back-butter tiles for maximum adhesion and a flawless finish.
  • Accent walls – Features bold tiled wall sections or horizontal/vertical bands coordinate several design elements within a room.
  • Outdoor patio tiles – Extend a tile backsplash outside or accent garden walls for continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Cork tiles – Perfect for bedrooms, home offices and living areas, natural cork delivers warm, eco-friendly style and softness underfoot.
  • Decal tiles – Peel-and-stick temporary tile sheets create the look of real tiles wherever needed, then easily removed without damage.

With innovative installation tricks, you can make a big visual impact with wall tiles even in smaller budgets. Be daring and think outside the typical horizontal alignment for standout results.

Final Tile Selection Tips

When choosing the best wall tiles for your home projects consider:

  • Material durability for the area’s traffic and moisture levels
  • Budget and overall style coherence
  • Tile sizes and shapes for your space dimensions
  • Grout colour selection to complement or contrast tiles
  • DIY-friendliness of the installation process
  • Backer board or substrate needs of the new tile surface

Armed with tile inspiration and product research, you’re ready to start transforming your home’s interior spaces. Properly installed on sound walls or backers, tiles hold their beauty through years of wear and tear while beautifying in the process. Get creative with wall tile layouts and combinations for uniquely elevated rooms every visitor will admire.

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