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Jan – Feb 2018 Surfaces & Design

It is a brand new year with fabulous ideas and fantastic developments across the industry. Our issue reflects this vibrancy and enthusiasm. We bring to you news and reports from all the major Trade Fairs and Events of the world.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jan Feb 2018 Issue
Jan-Feb 2018

Mar – Apr 2018 Marble & Stone

This issue comes straight from our hearts! We started the year with wonderful news for the design fraternity. India got its first-ever Pritzker for Dr. B.V. Doshi. An unparalleled architect. Wishing you a great year ahead!

The Tiles of India Magazine - Mar Apr 2018 Issue
Mar-Apr 2018

May – Jun 2018 Arch & D’ziners

The world of design is a fascinating place to be in, ever alluring and captivating! Modern design is no longer defined purely by utility but is an unravelling of the confluence of art and functionality.

The Tiles of India Magazine - May June 2018 Issue
May-June 2018

Jul – Aug 2018 Luxury & Lifestyle

We are back with another issue full of interesting articles and projects for you to read and enjoy. This issue is a continuation of our exploration into the world of design and designers. We have interesting stories.

The Tiles of India Magazine - July Aug 2018 Issue
Jul-Aug 2018

Sep – Oct 2018 Surface & Decor

Surface and decor design are the pivots around which spaces come alive and transform magically. They provide a language, an aesthetic and an emotion. These act as the mediums throughout the design.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Sep Oct 2018 Issue
Sep-Oct 2018

Nov – Dec 2018 Panorama

2018 was a year of merging styles, and designs and creating ambiences which reflected fusion. Even then, the common denominator was to seek comfort, soothing aesthetics and creating seamless lifestyles.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Nov Dec 2018 Issue
Nov-Dec 2018