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Jan – Feb 2017 Make In India

It is the beginning of a brand new year and we are very excited to bring to you the ‘Make in India’ special. This campaign was launched by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Indian Tile and Ceramic industry.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jan Feb 2017 Issue
Jan-Feb 2017

Mar – Apr 2017 Style & Decor

Style and Decor.. our theme for this issue and a recurring factor in the world of design! These words inspire us, they drive research and development and are also the primary catalyst for most technological innovations.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Mar Apr 2017 Issue
Mar-Apr 2017

May – Jun 2017 Iconic Design

It is our Anniversary issue…another beautiful year has passed by and given us many spectacular experiences to remember and cherish! The Tiles of India is such an integral part of our lives and is growing as a brand.

The Tiles of India Magazine - May June 2017 Issue
May-June 2017

Jul – Aug 2017 Landscape Design

The monsoon has taken over us and there is a general air of freshness and enthusiasm all around. Green is the dominant colour and therefore landscape was a natural choice. Our interest in landscape architecture arose.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jul Aug 2017 Issue
Jul-Aug 2017

Sep – Oct 2017 Large Formats

Large Format tiles are getting exciting and increasingly impressive. We are witnessing so much evolution in design and technology in large formats. They provide a distinct difference in perspective to any space.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Sep Oct 2017 Issue
Sep-Oct 2017

Nov – Dec 2017 Global Trends

The year 2017 was a memorable one for us! We were able to work with some of the best names in the industry. There were many interesting projects of stalwart architects and designers that were a pleasure to cover.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Nov Dec 2017 Issue
Nov-Dec 2017