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Jan – Feb 2013 Celebrating In the Lap of Luxury

Art inspires architecture in the most profound manner. It impacts design thinking and innovation, in a very fundamental way. This issue is dedicated to this symbiotic relationship between art, design thought and life itself.

Jan-Feb 2013

Mar – Apr 2013 Retail & Hospitality

Aesthetics are minimal, chic and yet nostalgic in the choice of colour, positioning and the experience. Our first issue of the year brings to you a splash of all that is going to dominate the design scene with the feelings.

Mar-Apr 2013

May – Jun 2013 Focus on Global Tile Trends

New trends in interior design often come from fashion. Taking one step further, fashion has long been a catalyst and major influence even in the tiling industry. We want to have the latest and the most interesting designs.

May-June 2013

Jul – Aug 2013 Anniversary Issue

The Tiles of India is now a year old! We would like to thank the entire tile industry for their great support and encouragement. Our First Anniversary issue would not have been possible without top brands.

Jul-Aug 2013

Sep – Oct 2013 Outdoor Tiles

Wall Cladding is becoming an increasingly popular architectural feature for the exterior of most building structures. The benefits of wall cladding are that it prevents the permeation of water and is an excellent wind barrier.

Sep-Oct 2013

Nov – Dec 2013 Bathroom Tiles

Modern bathrooms are the call of the hour and customization of tiles has helped consumers to give a desired look to their rejuvenating space. There are various points that one needs to take into consideration while buying these tiles.

Nov-Dec 2013