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Jan – Feb 2016 Innovations & Patterns

No matter what the theme be, tiles are an ideal way to add punch to a space. Be it personal or commercial, spaces demand attention these days. With tile in umpteen varieties of shapes, sizes and textures flooding.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jan Feb 2016 Issue
Jan-Feb 2016

Mar – Apr 2016 Innovating DesignTrends

2016 promises to be more happening than its predecessor. Super-sized tiles and 3D walls are the trending themes. Keeping with the theme of modularity, ceramic companies are designing fragmented patterns.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Mar Apr 2016 Issue
Mar-Apr 2016

May – Jun 2016 Tiles Inspired By Natural Products

4 years…not a very long journey that we can boast of and yet a very fruitful and enriching one. It took us some time to find our feet but now that we have done so, nothing is stopping us from galloping to a pace that is unseen.

The Tiles of India Magazine - May June 2016 Issue
May-June 2016

Jul – Aug 2016 Make In India

This issue comes along with the season of renewal. Monsoon heralds a most poignant, beautiful renewal in our lives, we fi nd ourselves looking at the past and drawing energy from it for our future

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jul Aug 2016 Issue
Jul-Aug 2016

Sep – Oct 2016 Arch & Design

It is the season of fairs, there was the brilliant Marmomacc, the scintillating Technagrilla, and the energising Cersaie. These are all highly awaited opportunities in the industry that is ever-innovating to create newer experiences.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Sep Oct 2016 Issue
Sep-Oct 2016

Nov – Dec 2016 Luxury Surfaces

A truly eventful year is coming to a gentle close. Winter has set in and along with it come cups of hot chocolate, time spent in warm blankets with friends and family. It is the time to feast and celebrate…

The Tiles of India Magazine - Nov Dec 2016 Issue
Nov-Dec 2016