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Jan – Feb 2021 New Trends 2021

Art inspires architecture in the most profound manner. It impacts design thinking and innovation, in a very fundamental way. This issue is dedicated to this symbiotic relationship between art, design thought and life itself.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Jan Feb 2021 Issue
Jan-Feb 2021

Mar – Apr 2021 Summer Style

Aesthetics are minimal, chic and yet nostalgic in the choice of colour, positioning and the experience. Our first issue of the year brings to you a splash of all that is going to dominate the design scene with the feelings.

The Tiles of India Magazine - Mar Apr 2021 Issue
Mar-Apr 2021

May – Jun 2021 Anniversary Issue

From new collections and design ideas, flooring brands showcased innovative products. Events like Coverings, Cevisama, Cersaie and Big 5 lend a global platform to exhibit the products

The Tiles of India Magazine - May Jun 2021 Issue
May-June 2021