Friday, November 16, 2018
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In the heart of Mumbai EKTA Invictus, a residential property redefines architecture in its truest form. Amongst the modern-day apartments. EKTA Invictus


Architect Anil Panchal from The Spatium Interiors has designed a 3BHK apartment at Lodha Belmondo, Pune, a very beautifully planned township having


Architect Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio has blended a concoction of design theories in his latest project, The Pink


A residence designed by architect Manish Dikshit of AUM Architects is a classic example of art deco done right. The client brief for


SYSKA House in Pune designed by Beyond Design Architects brings a fresh new perspective to office design. Corporate commercial design poses unique challenges.


Arkheins Inc, led by architect Amey Chawda celebrates happiness through the beautifully designed Kalaban Villa Arkheins Inc, lead by architect Ameya Chawada has

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The interiors of this Quirky Apartment has the indoors of dramatic and elegant decor, the ambiance is raising the bar. This 3 bhk in the suburbs of Mumbai was designed to cater to the needs of


Aym Design Pte Ltd recently completed a project for the Select Metals Group in Singapore, we bring to you a look… Amy Picanco originally trained as an Interior Architect in the UK but


Dr Sanjay Bahadur, Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries, share tips on quick makeover with tiles for this festive


Christened after the esteemed cricketer’s nickname, this brand aims to accentuate the look and the feel of your home. Shikhar Dhawan, a


The 25th World Ceramic Tiles Forum will take place in São Paulo, Brazil from 7-10 November 2018 and is kindly

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Thinking to change the home decor of your home here we suggest: stick to the timeless style of neutral color palette choice like classic white and black or geometric pattern and we assure you will love the change. Backsplash tile: Backsplash tile is the best suggestive to give your kitchen designer outlook.


Tiles have become an integral part of homes decor. Here is why. While tiles are technically anything that is cut into equal sizes and laid on a flat surface, people cringe to call natural stone a tile. Popularly tiles are those that are ceramic or vitrified, and manmade. Traditionally tiles were


Kitchen is the hot spot for activity in most homes and thus needs to be inviting yet easy to maintain. With modular kitchens becoming popular, most designers are giving the kitchen a clean straight line minimalist look with emphasis on finishes. Kitchen tiles have also evolved from those bright glossy


Tiles are ideal for bathrooms because they are water resistant, stain resistant and easy to maintain. So don’t think twice before using tiles on the walls and floors of your bathroom, just make sure you pick the right tile for the right purpose. In bathrooms, we need tiles for 4 different