Sunday, September 26, 2021
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This is a quick Shorts section from The Tiles of India Digital team,  where we post videos daily on YouTube and those short content videos which are between 15 to 60 seconds are posted here in this section also for quick access.

So, enjoy exploring.

8 Most Popular Floor and Wall Tiles Sizes

Different tile sizes produce a different aesthetic and influence the way you feel in a room. There are various tiles options available today with

8 Bathtub Shapes & Styles

These days more and more primary bathrooms are separating the tub and shower so that now you have a dedicated shower space and a

8 Best Bathroom Showers for 2021

Bathroom is for rejuvenating and relaxing so for a truly amazing experience and for a luxe bathroom one need to start with the showers.

7 Kitchen Design Ideas 2021

We all want our kitchen to be clean, functional and comfortable. We bring you a new mix of 7 kitchen design ideas 2021, which

5 Best Materials for Kitchen Cabinets

Wood is by far the most popular material when it comes to cabinets whether kitchen cabinets or bedroom or anything other space in your

8 Best Bathroom Faucets in 2021

Are you planning to choose new bathroom fixtures but you’re overwhelmed by all the choices and options out there? It can be more complicated

8 Best Wardrobe Designs

The bedroom is incomplete without a proper closet or wardrobe. Having a proper wardrobe is important and also it will make your job easy

8 Best Drawer Designs for Kitchen

Kitchen drawers are undoubtedly the backbone of the modern kitchen, and perhaps the part that demands a great amount of attention from us. Kitchen

8 Best Tiles for Cladding

In building construction, cladding may refer to the application of one material over another to provide a weather-proof layer intended to control the infiltration

8 Top Stylish Tiles for Kitchen 2021

The kitchen is the hot spot for activity in most homes and thus needs to be inviting yet easy to maintain. With modular kitchens

How to Install Floor Tiles in 8 Easy Steps

A tile floor installation creates a beautiful, durable floor that is easy to clean. Laying tile can be a big job, but it's one

6 Tile Installation Tools 2021

Tile tools are designed for specific uses during the installation process. The right tile tool makes a tiling project much easier and trouble-free. So,

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