2021 Green Christmas Décor

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2021 Green Christmas Décor

Christmas is soon going to be upon us, here are some ways to decorate your space for the festival season and yet support the environment!

Go for Sustainable 

Sustainability is top of the mind across all sectors this year, and the holiday season is no exception. To reduce waste, consider using reusable wrapping paper—like wrapping cloths or even wrapping a toy in clothing that’s also part of the gift—or recycled wrapping paper—like using newspaper or buying wrapping paper made of recycled paper. If you’re sending out holiday cards, consider printing them on environmentally conscious materials, or opt out of paper entirely by emailing virtual ones instead.

Monochrome spaces

Keeping the base palette neutral is in, so be more subtle when it comes to selecting colour. Whether it is choosing the paint, wallpaper or curtains, pick muted tones like grey, beige or earthy hues, and then stick to it throughout the area to create a seamlessly luxurious space. When you have a monochromatic backdrop, the beauty of the fine materials you have chosen really shines through. So do the choicest accessories and lights that you have added to the décor scheme. 

Go Contemporary

The timeless and elegant contemporary décor is the perfect combination of traditional and modern styles. The décor is modern chic, sophisticated and evergreen, while the traditional aspects are added through colours in the form of flowers, drapes and other props.


The pandemic also gave rise to the DIY trend as we found ways to pass the time inside our homes with tie-dyeing and bread-making. The holidays are a great time to exercise your crafty side. Go traditional by stringing popcorn garland or modernize it by tying your own ribbon garland. Display your loved ones by arranging holiday cards in the shape of a tree on a bare wall, or splay paperback books on top of one another to build a tree.

Modern Minimal Décor

The name says it all — it’s all things modern but minimal. There is no influx of décor items everywhere you look. One might choose a couple of centerpieces, which would be the star of the day, and have them placed strategically. There is little to no use of props, keeping the surroundings purposely open and clean. Modern minimal decor feels spacious, easy and breezy.

The Boho Way

Rattan, cane, wicker, and other wood of similar hues can make any space feel bohemian and summery. Boho decor can work all year round. These natural elements’ light hues bring elegance without the heaviness and gravitas commonly associated with deeper, richer woods. This means you can easily incorporate a minimal design into your home using lighter wooden elements like rattan or cane and still maintain that airy, spacious feel. The style includes both of the trends listed above, so it’s easy to keep the same furniture and other decor pieces throughout the year.

Add Natural Elements

When it comes to interior design trends, this one is timeless. There’s something so incredibly enriching about the experience of helping a plant grow. Luckily, greenery is a big part of boho decor. Incorporating plants and succulents into your decor can be life-changing. You can opt for real type plants in your décor corner. 

A different kind of Christmas decor for sure but one that is more supportive of the environment!

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