5 reasons why tiles are preferred over natural stone

Tiles have become an integral part of homes decor. Here is why.

While tiles are technically anything that is cut into equal sizes and laid on a flat surface, people cringe to call natural stone a tile. Popularly tiles are those that are ceramic or vitrified, and manmade. Traditionally tiles were looked down upon and thus restricted only to bathrooms and kitchens. But now with the sheer variety of options that these tiles have to offer, their popularity has increased by many folds. According to experts there is a very good reason tiles are preferred over natural stone. Here are 5 such reasons:

  1. Look and feel

With the advancement in technology, the look of all natural stones and even wood, mosaic, etc can be replicated on tiles and the result is fabulous. Tile companies have also included finishes that are close to the natural finishes of stone or wood to lend the tile a more authentic look.

  1. Variety

Like all things natural, there is a limit to the number of options available in natural stone. However, with tile, one can get the exact shade, finish and stone option one desires. Neither are quantities limited nor are the finishes or colours.

  1. Replacement

If a stone breaks, its not easy to replace it. Every lot has a slight difference in colour or pattern. With tile, one can easily replace in small or big quantities.

  1. Maintenance

Tiles are way easier to maintain than natural stone, don’t get stained and can be easily cleaned. Tiles are overall more weather and wear and tear resistant than its natural counterparts. Natural stone needs to be regularly polished and the upkeep is much higher than tiles.

  1. Offer creativity:

Since they are made in a factory vs being produced by nature, tiles offer a lot of opportunity to be creative. The market is full of fun options such as Swarovski studded tiles, inlaid tiles, pop art printed tiles, etc.

Check out these pop art printed tiles from ImoloCeramica for inspiration:

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