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Benetti Home

BENETTI HOME green walls for dining places with a green appeal are innovative with luxury and style.

Vertical gardens and moss walls are green elements that can give a renovated look to a bar or a restaurant, creating a suggestive atmosphere and unique interiors with a touch of greenery. BENETTI HOME, a young and dynamic Italian company, has developed a product with unique characteristics, both from a technical point of view and for the fantastic aesthetic impact, which effectively solves the critical issues that make the use of indoor ‘green’ uneasy.

Benetti MOSS in restaurants and bars

Each space is different and has its own personality. Benetti Home offers products of great versatility, from lush gardens to simple yet elegant moss walls with a wide range of color options. In particular, Benetti MOSS is a zero-maintenance vertical garden realized with stabilized lichen and is easy to manage and to install. Moreover, it can be installed during the design of a project or in spaces already furnished.

Green walls for a new look with a vertical garden can help to give form to a restaurant shaping its identity. Original use of greenery can be combined with lighting to create unique arrangements that present a more appealing look.

The scenic presence of ‘green’ in the interiors is not only motivated by an aesthetic factor linked to environmental trends, but also by the positive effects of relaxation and well-being generated by the sight and contact with the ‘green’ element at home, in the office, in commercial spaces, in food and hospitality premises. This pleasure, which combines pleasantness and well-being, generally puts demands in terms of light, water, and maintenance.

BENETTI MOSS has created zero-maintenance vertical gardens for interiors made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen, easy to manage, starting from installation, which is very simple and can be foreseen in the project step or even later in already furnished and ‘lived in’ environments. Featuring the highest versatility of application, the garden can be placed on the walls and even on the ceiling. This product offers advantages from the point of view of cleaning, thanks to the absence of an electrostatic charge that does not attract dust, ensuring stability and durability over time, as well as being unwelcome to insects. This panel features good sound-absorbing qualities and fire-retardant properties certified in class A by the rigorous American fireproof tests.

So, go ahead and find your splash of green to create a refreshing space!

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