SICIS new collection in Salone 2023

SICIS impresses with its eclectic and timeless proposals

This year, the choice was to present a series of environments based on contemporary eclecticism. Environments that skillfully blend furniture elements of different styles, tastefully combining solutions that are never excessive but always elegant and distinctive. To do this, SICIS introduced into its Home collections pieces of the highest Italian craftsmanship, decorative furniture entirely handmade with techniques that few now master. Furnishings inspired by Rococo style, Empire style, and Neoclassical flavours are all reinterpreted and updated according to contemporary tastes. Thus, we find splendid wooden mirrors finished in gold leaf hung on animal-printed Vetrite walls, buffets with claw feet and gold friezes juxtaposed with modern glass tables and 1960s chairs. There is also a great emphasis on upholstery materials, which this year has been expanded with a new series of fabrics with floral accents made with the jacquard technique, rich in luminous reflections and three-dimensionality.

But the actual proposal that SICIS brings to Salone 2023 is not a series of products or a new collection of fabrics. It is the extraordinary skill with which it manages to create completely personalized and tailor-made environments. The competence with which it combines materials and decorations is born from the experience developed in the world of interior design and the incredible variety of products and finishes that, over the years, have enriched its range. All this allows SICIS and industry operators, whether architects or retailers, to offer a project that can satisfy any style.

A proposal that does not stop at Italian or European borders

Present on the international market for over thirty years, SICIS demonstrates once again how it can meet completely different cultures and traditions, offering interior solutions always capable of captivating and hitting the mark.

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