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Increasingly versatile, increasingly digital, increasingly interconnected and increasingly sustainable: these are the main drivers of innovation in the ceramics sector, and hence, the approach of System Ceramics, the Coesia Group company, which looks at the whole process with a strong evolutionary spirit.

After imposing an important revolution in the field of digital printing, the company based in Fiorano Modenese has presented to the public a new technology that appears to be destined to create a big change in the glazing line. 

We are talking about Digiglaze, the machine with digital technology for glazing that allows for maximum control of the discharge capacity and the laying process. Digiglaze is a solution developed in Tecno Italia, a historic company in the ceramics sector, based in Casalgrande (RE) since 1994 and operating worldwide. It has been part of System Ceramics since January 2022, contributing to extending the offer and strengthening services relating to digital decoration, an assimilation that confirms System Ceramics’ vocation for innovation and constant investments in research and development.

The need to give added value to the universally accepted impact of digital printing on the ceramics industry has, therefore, led System Ceramics to take an organic approach to the process: the quality of the final result increasingly depends on a specialization of the parties that are able to dialogue and find synergies together to set the pace towards all-round evolution.  All-for-One and One-for-All: System Ceramics has exploited its multifaceted expertise and has entered the field of glazing with an eye to the future.

But what are the concrete advantages of this new technology? First of all, the possibility of saving up to 35% of glaze in a year. With Digiglaze, in fact, we are dealing with a ‘detailed glazing’ that permits maximum control of the discharge and laying, programming the dimension and frequency of the drop from the control panel, and optimizing the glazing on every type of substrate.

This approach involves the elimination of the nebulization process and the absence of the suction device: very low environmental impact, therefore, which, together with a significant reduction in emissions and waste and lower purification costs compared to similar solutions, makes Digiglaze a decidedly sustainable technology.

Functional, sustainable and of high quality, therefore: in fact, the laying is optimal, as obstructions and sedimentations during production are reduced to a minimum, making the surfaces less wrinkled. As a result, cleaning times are reduced from the traditional 60 minutes per day to 15/20 minutes.

Digiglaze operates on all traditional glazes and optimizes the output, with the addition of a variable percentage of additive, from 1% to 6% depending on the type of engobe used, to make them more workable. It’s also suitable for the application of protective glazes to be polished, lapped or left natural. Digiglaze is a Made in Italy 4.0 technology and confirms System Ceramics as a top partner for the ceramics industry of the future.

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