Pop Art Kitchen

Pop art has a great influence on interior design with its quirky placement, eclectic objects, and bold, flashy colours. Decorating the different spaces in your home with pop art influences can zing up the environment bringing forth a freshness that is both appealing and entertaining. Having pop art makes your space come alive with gradients that are extensions of your own personality, you can individualize it, to express your ideas, your sense of self.  The use of bold and strong colours such as orange, red, green, yellow will make the space pop!

Pop art-inspired kitchens have become popular. There are many kitchens designs that have the common denominator that is inspired by pop art. An artistic current trend is where bright colour is combined in both the furniture and the walls and ceilings to achieving a retro result for kitchens that are uber stylish and modern.

Pop art kitchen design has employed strong colours such as red and orange that is very popularly used in pop art. It has been combined with gray and black making a good color combination.

Also how we can forget pop art kitchen tiles inspired by the great pop art artist Andy Warhol. His body of work included studies of popular culture figures of his era. He transformed images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, and Jackie Kennedy into iconic art pieces.

His pop-art kitchen is an amazing collection of these designs and colours. He has a huge role to play in inspiring and giving Pop art interior kitchen designs.

In decoration of pop art kitchen, it is important to select right colours on the kitchen walls and backsplash. The right wall colours are the core essence. One can choose Andy Warhol inspired tiles for walls, which will give a character to it.

Furniture in the style of modernity is most suitable for pop art in kitchen decoration. One can experiment with the original geometric shapes of the furniture. Colourful tables and chairs are very suitable for pop art in this style.

Pop art kitchens have the potential to become so fancy that they might actually become the hottest spot of your house, where you can dine and enjoy with friends and family at leisure.

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