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Camplus Residence designed by PICCO Architetti

PICCO Architetti

Caesar’s collections seek to enclose the best efficiency of porcelain stoneware in an aesthetic form creating new standards in well living solutions.

The theme of living plays a central role in the development of new architectural and design trends, the search for spaces, furnishings, materials and, more generally, solutions that lead to well living has become dominant in the hubs of companies specialising in the building sector. Caesar’s collections are worthy spokesmen for this trend, seeking to enclose the best efficiency of porcelain stoneware in an aesthetic result that can give places the right feeling, diversifying and customising with stylistic choices that best convey the sensation of comfort and wellbeing.

The right partnership was created on this vision in cooperation with the PICCO Architetti Firm in Turin, which involved Caesar in supplying ceramic collections for the Camplus in the Piedmont regional capital. But what is Camplus? Camplus is the pragmatic answer to the issue of housing: a housing provider – the first in Italy – that helps students, young professionals and travellers to find accommodation for short or long stays that conveys a sense of home even when away from home. Reliability, flexibility and responsibility are some of the values that characterise the mission of Camplus, which was born as a business idea in 1980 in Bologna, becoming a brand in 2007 and is now active with 8,000 bed places in 13 Italian cities and in Spain.

These are the same values that distinguish the corporate philosophy of Caesar and the resulting products, synonymous with the high quality of Made-in-Italy ceramics. In 2019, Camplus extended its network to Turin, where it affirmed its presence with a merit-based university residence, Camplus Bernini, and with the Camplus Regio Parco residential complex. Two buildings located in key points with respect to the university buildings and well connected to the city, the result of renovation work carried out with great attention to detail, in full respect of their history, uniqueness and original architecture.

Camplus Regio Parco opened in the summer of 2021, at the height of the pandemic, offering a functional and contemporary solution for young workers and students. It spreads over three floors, with the ground floor dedicated to common facilities and spaces including a shared kitchen, study rooms, recreation rooms, a conference room, several meeting rooms, laundry room, gym and padel court. It is characterised by the industrial style conferred by the large windows that give light and comfort to the single or double rooms with private bathroom, some of which are organised as flats with shared living room and kitchenette.

Caesar makes its entrance right into the hall, where One terracotta-cement effect dominates, a balanced, modern synergy between the soft, enveloping tones of earth and the originality of cement. One, in the warm colour Mud and in the sizes 120×120 cm and 60×60 cm, has also brought its uniqueness to meeting and study rooms, achieving the aim of providing a welcoming atmosphere to those common spaces where concentration goes hand in hand with harmony.

Pillar is the series that defines the mood of the rooms, corridors, bathrooms and changing rooms of the gym, in Taupe and Sand 30×60 cm and 60×60 cm versions, inspired by sedimentary stones and interpreting the warm shades of typical French limestones, always appreciated for their versatility and aesthetic balance.

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