World Skinniest Skyscraper designed by architectural firm SHoP

World Skinniest Skyscraper 

The 84-storey, Steinway Tower, designed by New York based architectural firm, SHoP, is the world’s skinniest skyscraper and the second tallest building in the western hemisphere Copy: SHoP Architects completed 111 West 57th Street in New York City, which is now the world’s skinniest skyscraper with a height-to-width ratio of 24:1.

The skyscraper is located on Manhattan’s Billionaires’ Row and at 435 metres in height is the second-tallest building in the western hemisphere. SHoP Architects are a new generation of architects. Since 1996 SHoP has modeled a new way forward with their unconventional approach to design with a willingness to question accepted patterns of practice, coupled with the courage to expand wherever necessary beyond the architect’s traditional roles.

They thrive on constraints, with an inter disciplinary workforce that comprises of architects, innovators, craftspeople, problem solvers, highly trained specialists and proud generalists. They aim to design for the future, believing that it’s entirely possible to deliver intelligent, meaningful, and beautiful buildings in spite of real world constraints and limitations.

The 84-storey, Steinway Tower, sits on Billionaires’ Row in midtown Manhattan at approximately 1,428 feet in height. The supertall skyscraper has a height-to-width of 24:1. It only falls feet short of being the tallest residential tower in the world, edged out by Central Park Tower, which stands at 1,550 feet. Manhattan’s World Trade Center at 1,776 feet is the city’s tallest building.

The Skyscraper includes 60 apartments. The tower’s façade includes blocks of terracotta, a material that appears to change color and texture when seen in different lights and from different angles. The supertall tower has an 82-foot (25-metre) swimming pool, and other luxury amenities including a private dining room and a double-height fitness centre with a terrace.

The Steinway Tower ranges from $7.75 million for a studio apartment to $66 million for a penthouse. The construction of Steinway Tower began in 2013 and was completed in 2021. Residents are now able to move into the complex.

Featured Image: Courtesy Dezeen

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