Crystal, Marble, and Zen gardens villa in Italy designed by Studio Mariani Design

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Studio Mariani Design

Crystal, Marble and Zen gardens in a villa in Italy designed by Studio Mariani Design and architect Maurizio Morazzoni and engineer Gaia Morazzoni.

The Mariani architecture studio offers a global service: from construction and renovation projects of houses and apartments to building renovations, plant design, assistance with building practices, and interior design, in collaboration with the most prestigious brands in the furniture sector. Mariani Home is an exclusive service that combines craftsmanship and design, offering a tailor-made collection of curtains and carpets made of home-grown fabrics to fully personalize spaces.

Their recent project, a villa for a private client in Northern Italy offers a fascinating connection between inside and outside, in a constant dialogue among the elegant spaces designed for living and the enchanting Zen garden in the large park of the villa. Studio Mariani Design and More based in Arluno, architect Maurizio Morazzoni, and engineer Gaia Morazzoni selected precious materials in original and functional execution. Like all outdoor spaces, the roof is clad in teak wood with the insertion of strips that section it, giving the impression of a suspended space related to the masonry. 

The entrance gates of the villa are made of tempered crystal, the doors reproduce the initials of the owners’ names intertwined together in an evocative way. Crystal is also expressed in the external partitions and communicates all the beauty of transparency while maintaining the strength and power that this material can offer in terms of safety. The entrance is made of Lodrino marble treated in sectioned mode to lighten the mass and on the walls, a shaping leads them to work in cantilevered form with a sail effect.

A large window that starts from the entrance crosses the whole villa up to the Zen garden on the opposite side, featuring a powerful graphic sign. The boiserie of the tavernas of all rooms are in staved walnut. In the basement, the tavern houses a living room, an operational kitchen with integrated barbecue that takes light from wolf mouths characterized by the evocative presence of desert and rocky environments and changing according to the theme of the parties that the client gives for his guests. 

Custom carpets thematically complement the areas of the wolf mouths. On the same floor, there are also walk-in closets and guest bedrooms. Original in the guest bedroom in this area is the mirror insert that seems to cut the volume of the furniture by lightening its presence, in front of the textile bed served by a Baroque bedside table revisited in modern forms in glossy lacquer.

Between the large living area of the tavern, just as impressive as that of the main floor, and the entrance to the guest bedroom area, a three-dimensional panel was created with the aim to describe the whole house in its parts, artistically drawing the entire master plan of the villa. An eight-degree inclined Klinker tile wall required skill and plenty of energy and materials to find the right angle to create a wave movement. Here, too, nautical-derived windows and doors with a mirror-polished finish were used with the result of guaranteeing the total absence of maintenance and absence of fingerprints.

It is also possible to graduate the light and shadow inside through special adjustment systems. A crystal staircase leads from the tavern to the main floor. The staircase is cantilevered and is still a rarity today, as the steps were made by boxing anti-vibration steel structures and assembling at 45-degree angles, without perceiving the thickness of the glass. At the base of the staircase, inserted into the wooden floor, a boulder of Brazilian Azul marble shines, while an evergreen bamboo cane takes natural light from a large window overlooking the barbecue area.

The main floor of the villa combines ancient and modern revisited. It houses a study area and a living room furnished with nautical suggestions, where the audio and video areas, the technical components of the curtains and the geothermal air conditioning systems are hidden in the boiserie. Brazilian Azul marble dominates in the bathrooms and walls leading to the master bedroom, where an open stained wall reveals the continuous grain of a marble slab of highest value and beauty, recalled by a carpet woven in the same shades of this precious marble.

The glossy lacquered kitchen with a peninsula top with suspended hoods can be isolated from the living space by sliding walls. The dining area hosts a generously sized table that acts as a pivot of the ambiance, where a seating area is served by a home theater with service elements well hidden in the wood paneling.

The entire heating and cooling system are hidden by the lowering made in the ceilings: everything is aerial, there are no visible radiators or radiant panels and the air conditioning of the environment is obtained using a geothermal system. Carpets, curtains, and other textiles were custom made for this client using handlooms, the same for the linen, bathrobes, and other textile accessories, both for the master area and for the guest rooms.

In front of the living room, there is an outdoor dining area with a carpet made with the braided wire of fishing rods. From here, three steps lead to the barbecue area surrounded by a round glass-concrete wall with a planter that hides the entrance to the tavern. The glass-concrete wall is backlit with a white shade, while the cooking and washing area, as well as the technical spaces, are duly hidden. The Zen garden extends to the park of the villa, where centuries-old trees have been planted in the midst of rich tall vegetation to create original and powerful green spaces.

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