Karim Rashid bathroom design

Karim Rashid bathroom design

Born from an idea of the multifaceted, designer Karim Rashid bathroom design enjoys and stands out as a fresh, young and dynamic collection. Shapes and colour ranges allow adapting sanitary wares and washbasins to any bathroom solution.

Aware of the complexity and tradition that binds ceramic to the value of ceramic glazes, Cielo has undertaken a research project with the goal of introducing new chromaticity in the bathroom environment.

Through a series of experiments aimed at understanding the essence and origin of the colour, investigating its relationship with nature and interpreting its significance through ceramic manufacturing, analyzing its role in architecture.

“It is important to me that the result of my work, and my collaboration with a client, manifest into something that will connect with the user, and sustain relationships with the consumer.

Beautifying the world, and creating well-designed, provocative, stimulating yet calming products and environments is the impetus for everything I embark on.”

Cielo unveils the new rimless toilet without the classic system with a top rim for the water flow. Without hidden parts, the water runs freely in the basin, running along the walls and washing the surfaces effectively.

The practicality of use goes along with the ease of cleaning: the absence of the rim allows sanitizing the entire basin with a simple gesture, avoiding the use of specific products for the cleaning of the hidden areas below the rim. The toilet is certificated for a 4/6 Lt flush.

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