Modica Boutique Hotel designed by CaberlonCaroppi


Architects Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi of CaberlonCaroppi have designed the Modica Boutique Hotel located on the beautiful island of Sicily.

Modica Boutique Hotel is located inland on one of the most beautiful and expressive coastlines of Sicily. Compared to other hotels in the area, which choose to focus on more traditional regional aesthetics, the MBH focuses on a minimalist and elegant design that recalls the living-room-style concept, opening its doors to both personal and professional guests.

The hotel is designed by CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects. This architecture studio born in 2004 from the design spirit shared by the two architects and founders Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi.

The studio aims at developing new tailor-made hospitality concepts dedicated to all categories of the hospitality sector, from historic hotels to business hotels, from prestigious resorts to intimate boutique hotels, each time designing a functional layout capable of reflecting the client’s needs at best, maintaining a strong connection with local traditions yet breaking away from a conventional and stereotyped offer.

With the aim of bringing Italian excellence to the world, CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects has developed projects for prestigious Italian brands, although with a strong international footprint that is reflected in several projects worldwide.

Each project carried out by the studio is inspired by its Genius Loci. In this Boutique Hotel, we find more of an urban, city-like atmosphere, and yet its colors still lead back to the Mediterranean—the intense blue of the reception area and the wood chosen for the floors are the best examples.

Tradition and modernity come together in a place where nothing is left to chance. Every detail creates an enveloping and sensual atmosphere, particularly highlighted in the lounge area with the use of soft, velvet, pastel-colored seats.

Links with the hotel’s native city are widely present in its decorative references: inspired by Modican architecture, the theme permeates in each stylized guestroom, and is also echoed within the general decorative elements of the hotel structure.


An old Sicilian saying says, “A nostra casa v’abbrazza e vi vasa:” “Our home welcomes and embraces you.”  This is the spirit with which they approached the interior design of Modena Boutique Hotel, creating a place that welcomes all guests with the same warmth as close family and friends.

Hospitality, beauty, and relaxation are the values considered when choosing the materials, the color combinations, and the overall aesthetic style. Each room is equipped with amenities for maximum comfort, and each pays homage to Modica with wall decorations depicting the city and symbols representing local traditions.

The junior suites also offer a large terrace equipped with a personal hydrotherapy spa, allowing guests to spend hours in total relaxation and privacy.


The minimal furnishings, the colors of the sea and the earth, and the choices of natural and tactile materials are the motifs within all common areas, ranging from the upscale lounge bar to the intimate bistro serving typical Modican cuisine. A meeting room has been created within the hotel in order to accommodate businesses and professional guests.

Modica Boutique Hotel also offers an outdoor wellness area with a sun lounge and swimming pool, providing a breath of fresh air from within the city: a small oasis where guests can relax with family or after a business meeting without having to leave the city proper.


Intimate and inviting, MBH also offers a warm spa with maximum comforts and high-end fitness equipment for guest use.

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