8 Best Statement Walls

8 Best Statement Walls

Statement or Accent walls can change the look of a space giving it more individuality and style.

Have you ever wondered how one space in your interiors can stand out from the entire space in your house? Well, if you ever want to discover how you can incorporate some of the most amazing ideas and turn them into a statement space, here are some easy ideas to make them a part of your home. Here are 8 statement walls you can design and play around with making them the focal point of your home.

A perfect way to add color, life, and energy to any space is by creating a statement or accent walls. Also, called feature walls, they are an excellent canvas to present your creativity and create a more defined space in your room. Doing up a blank wall can certainly transform the vibe and personality of a room and refresh the space like never before. So, here are some ways to dress your walls…

Tile Trending

Tiles can never go wrong. There are plenty of patterned tiles currently trending – the Moroccan look, brick or wood-look tiles, chevron or hexagon patterns, and the industrial/concrete look. You can easily install them on your walls to create that extravagant look in your space. For bathrooms, a marine color palette of green or blues is perfect for a pop of color and you can experiment with large-format or mosaic tiles, these colors bring a coastal vibe to the bathroom interiors and can work wonders.

Mix- Patterns

There are an endless number of orientations and patterns to lay tiles in—brick, basketweave, herringbone, diamond, offset—the list goes on and on. Choose your pattern wisely, as it can reinforce the look you’re after. One can create many looks with this from sleek to modern. A stacked horizontal bond tile lends itself to a modern style with Mid-Century influences.

Clean Slate never goes wrong

Nothing makes a room feel fresher than white on white. The combination of hexagon mosaic tiles and subway tiles makes a statement in this all-white bathroom.

Wall Panels

Decorative wall panels are an effective way to enhance the look and feel of your space. Wooden panels give homes an elegant, sophisticated look while adding a sense of warmth to the interior. The veneer is a popular choice and works well with light-colored furniture. 3D effects, floral patterns, and innovative lighting are other ways to get creative with wall panels, all of which result in an innovative look. Rustic or distressed finished wooden planks nailed together are yet another way to add an earthy and cozy vibe to your space.

Wall Art

Another way to transform your blank wall dramatically is by installing an oversized painting that is sure to be a conversation starter. Whether in black and white or colour, a chic painting has immense potential to elevate the visual interest of your home. A large colourful painting inside an all-white or beige room can add the right pop of colour or you can also choose to match the colour palette of the room with the scheme of the wall art.

Textured Paint

One of the most common ways to break the monotony of stark, bare walls is to apply textured paint to one wall in the room. Textured paints not only highlight the wall but also add shadow and depth to space. The texture could be subtle or detailed and one can choose from a variety of patterns and themes like geometric, wooden, brick, stripe, or even fabric.

Try Murals

A simple geometric mural is a great way to fill that awkward space behind your couch. Opt for a simple design or hire a professional to do something even more elaborate and you won’t even have to think about framed artwork.

Add Built-ins

Built-in bookcases are a great way to add charm to any room, but painting them a bold color that is opposite to the rest of the space adds an even bigger punch to the overall look and feel of the room. You can definitely build-in-wall, giving some extra chutzpah, and add quirky objects as per your preference such as décor pieces, books, plants, photo frames, etc.

So go ahead and design your own dream statement wall with these quick and easy ideas.

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