Phoenix Palassio is a new mall in Lucknow

Phoenix Palassio

Phoenix Palassio, is the new jewel in Lucknow’s crown and is befitting to its nuanced way of life, rich in culture and art.

Lucknow has been shaped by beautiful flourishes across successive princely generations. It is a city that has subtly blended classical eastern and western schools of design while being truly cosmopolitan in style. The strong influences and stylistic amalgamations over time have lent an enduring and unique artistic legacy to the city.

The new mall has entered in this city called Phoenix Palassio: The new jewel in Lucknow’s crown. Phoenix Palassio is a humble homage to the grandeur that once underscored the City of Nawabs.  A jewel in Lucknow’s crown, the new shopping and entertainment landmark has been designed as an ode to the city’s glorious past. The mall is designed by Architect Rahul Kumar, Owner RK Associates, with valuable inputs received from Rajesh Kulkarni, Group Director Project Delivery, The Phoenix Mills Ltd. and his team.

While inspired by its grand and classical architectural heritage, it is also a statement to the future of Lucknow, a city on the ascendant. Phoenix Palassio has infused stylistic elements from the region’s courtly culture with a world-class understanding of architectural beauty. It borrows as much inspiration from the bazaars and structures of Hazrat Ganj as it does from the arcades of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and London’s Burlington Arcade. A beautiful marriage of the old and the new, the mall stands distinctively on Shaheed Path expressway, capturing the eye and compelling a visit.

The Palassio’s gold and beige exterior convey luxury. Four metallic-finish domes underscore the significant interior spaces, while bold shapes carved out of a mélange of concrete, metal, and glass carry light and shadow to distinctive effect.

A two-storey colonnade façade beside the expressway breaks the large mass of the building and gives it a human scale. In close proximity to the mall’s grand entrances are the international cricket stadium and the residential and commercial development.

As one enters from the Shaheed Path entrance, one is immediately serenaded by one of the biggest musical fountains in the country. A feat of sophisticated aquatic engineering, the 200-feet-long fountain features 156 nozzles shooting water using six types of water jets. Elaborate lights, music, and 40-feet-high jets of water dance in a linear symphony that captive visitors. Inspired by the world-famous ‘Fountains of Bellagio’ show in Las Vegas, the Palassio will use specially curated music and water effects to put up special shows for its patrons.

The lobby opens with a glimmering 30 feet long, chandelier, just one of the 71 that will illuminate their path onwards. However, what keeps visitors looking skyward are the 20 art chandeliers imported from across the world. Those with a keen eye will notice the craftsmanship of design under every step. The ground beneath is equally adorned, with intricate flooring patterns tastefully selected to match the overall ambience at play. The central Atrium’s flooring, for example, features the Flower of Paradise, complementing its radiating flooring pattern. Across the Palassio’s six atriums and three grand entrances, a common sense of wonderment is fostered by the brilliant use of light, space, and material.

From the Ajmer Palace to the TajMahal, a play of glass and light has always been synonymous with India’s palaces of yore. The pursuit of this standard of excellence sent the mall’s team of architects and designers across the seven seas, and the world’s best materials and craftsmen were brought together to design chandeliers that were truly one-of-a-kind.

All this befits what the Palassio promises to the city:  An unparalleled destination to relax and discover the finer things in life. Finally, Lucknow has a space that reflects its Andaz.

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