4 décor mood boards for the festive season

4 décor mood boards

4 décor mood boards

Festive season is on and we are all swept by our never-ending to-do list of cleaning, shopping, and the massive festive mania that takes over us during this time of the year. As Diwali is just around the corner, decorating our house is on the top of our list. So to revamp our space for this festive season, we have created four stunning décor mood boards which might give you some ideas for a swanky makeover that you are bound to love. So go on and give your home a makeover with these awesome festive decor ideas!

Create Drama with Mirrors and Lights

Diwali is a festival of lights so it is the perfect time to add more lights to give a sparkling vibe to your space. Here are some quick ideas! 

Create a look:

>>Add lights around the murals and near the windows. You can use mirrors with lights to give a spacious feel to your space. 

>>Add bright lights around the mirrors and glass tables in the center of your living space. To make it more inviting, add flowers with scented candles for that perfect Diwali feel. 

>>Chandeliers add that extra glamour to the room, but if you are not keen on that, stick to mood lighting to liven up a quiet corner or create some drama.

Add décor pieces

A home says a lot about you. It is the reflection of your own personality. Adding lights and colors along with the décor pieces will complete the look of your home and create a festive mood. So make sure you add trendy pieces, with accent lighting throughout your home and you would be spoilt for choice with so much available at a very reasonable cost.

Create a look:

>> You can go for traditional Indian décor accents like Meenakari, Theekri or mirror work, fresco paintings, metal filigree, traditional paintings like bani Thani, Indian miniature, etc. for this festive season to give a royal touch.

>> Also try using multiple brass frames hung from the ceiling with pink velvet-covered string, this is a unique way of approaching frames as decorative items.

>> Add beautiful decorative frames with your personalized photos, you can also add good luck charms like Buddha statues which will give a lot of positive vibes.

Add more colors

Colors add life to a space. So choose colors that will compliment your décor and space. You can create a particular theme with colors. 

Create a look:

>>Pick bright hues like teal, red, Fuschia and orange to accentuate specific corners of your home. Then add grey and neutral accessories to balance the look. 

>>A few well-placed cushions can add a pop of color to the space, and won’t break your bank. Scatter floor pillows and throw cushions in different sizes around the room, but stick to the color palette. 

>>Add hints of metallic with brass, silver or copper tea lights/ vases/ photo frames and candle holders to give your living space a unique classy charm.

Play with Fabrics

Well, adding the correct fabric to your sofas and windows which match the whole aesthetic of your home is very crucial. Festivals are all about colors and gold highlights that give a royal vibe. You can play with bright and bold colors, fabrics or contrast colors, or soothing nude tones. But for this festive season, our suggestion will be to go for strong and bold colors. 

Create a look:

>>A bright-colored rug or carpet in the hallway can make a striking first impression. 

>>Rich jewel tones are an easy route to a festive décor makeover. You can also try bright fuchsia, lime green, orange, vermillion, bright cobalt, and of course metallic accents of gold, bronze, and silver for curtains and sofa fabrics.

>>Place unique pieces embellished with traditional motifs or embroidery in the living room and use large shams and ornate bed covers for your bedroom.

So here’s to a bright and beautiful festive season!

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