Pop Art Architecture 2022

Pop architecture is a style which refers to structures that symbolically represent objects, most often with a hyper inflated scale, colour, proportion, and scheme with fantastic designs, vast sculptures on an architectural scale, or to any architecture produced that is more a metaphor than a building. Pop art is very important, it is the true democratization of art, it is art which has made for the masses and cuts through the artistic elitism. It is everyone’s art for everyone’s consumption and appreciation. It does not discriminate. It is popular, catches attention instantaneously and changes the topography where it plays.

Architecture is the one of the domains where we have seen true breakthroughs as far as demolishing art elitism is concerned. Architectural design was dominated by the established sets and standards which have seen humongous evolution over the years and today we are seeing a reverse, where design is no longer constricted to any set pattern, its free, and evolves as per the dweller and the designer dynamic. These are extremely positive signs and have been made possible due to the sheer existence of contemporary pop art and other such ideas.

It is not just for mass consumption, it is also according to mass taste. Its standards are not set by the extremely knowledgeable and a highly learned stratum rather is given shape by the common people, their desires and aspirations. This makes it a design that is truly democratic, beginning at the bottom and with the lower class rather than the privileged few. It stems from the desire of adapting the flashy, the shiny to create an instant appeal.

The main characteristics of pop art design lie in gaudy use of lights, structures and LED lights with fluorescent brilliance, garish jazzed up facades, misapplication of colour, busy and engaging metal and enamel patterns having little connection to the underlying design with glittering grills and bright canopies.

Pop art architecture seems pretentious and screams for attention, it is outrageous, lavish yet at the same time it is one of the best examples of people being themselves, truly sensational and captivating!

Pop art architecture is here to stay and shall always be remembered in the history of design as a one of the truest and liberal mode of expression, which may have an immense shock appeal but is at the same time intensely gratifying.

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