Star Designer Joaquin Torres

Joaquin Torres

Designer Joaquin Torres is a designer with a passion for art and a unique style. Joaquín Torres has designed the homes of Madonna, Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and most of the Real Madrid soccer team. The Spanish “architect of the galactic stars” is known for sleek, modern, elegant designs (think lots of heavy stone, glass, and polished metal), and for his meticulous attention to detail—he even designs the furnishings for many of his homes. His buildings are visually strong, emphatic, almost sculptures within the environment, quite unique. At the same time, they are functional and tremendously practical houses.

He was born in Barcelona but later his family shifted to Madrid where all his adolescence resided already. His parents and his familiar origins are Galician (Northwest of Spain). He studied in the French Lyceum of Madrid, and from a very prompt age he developed a special interest in the world of art and of architecture particularly. Shortly after finishing the degree in the year 96, he started an architecture studio with his classmate.  A-cero was founded in 1996 by Joaquin Torres Architects & Rafael Llamazares with the objective of fulfilling their vision of the architecture.

Currently, the studio has two main headquarters in Spain, located in Madrid and La Coruña from where they develop their work at the national and international level. The scope of services includes urban planning, architectural development at all stages, including the furniture and the interior design.

A-cero is actually positioned as one of the strongest architectural offices in Spain, developing more than 500.000 sqm per year in national and international projects. The studio has a team of over 50 specialized construction professionals, including architects, engineers, technical architects, and interior designers.

A-cero directed by the dynamic duo of Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares, both architects are committed to delivering unique architectural design projects, inspired by the classics with a unique signature style.

The man is an inspiration, when asked what he thinks of architecture, he very simply says, “My day-to-day is architecture…”

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