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Studio Motley brings “Crafting living design”

STUDIO MOTLEY is a multi-disciplinary design studio constructed with two experimental architects. Ar. Kajal Gupta & Prof. Anand R. Kurudi the team together brings design with expertise.

The Apartment House Insights…

The concept was to rebuild the suburban apartment into more comfort and easy going structure with an emphasis on the textural qualities of the materials chosen.

We broke down the walls of one of the bedrooms and converted it into a lounge area- a move which also brought into in light into the dining area. Keeping the positions of the plumbing areas (part of the kitchen and the toilets) we re-arranged the rest of the spaces to create alcoves for bookshelves and wardrobes. Natural materials, like brick, timber and leather finish granite were used to create a desirable contrast and add warmth to the spaces.

The thought was to keep the spaces clutter free and restrict the number of furniture pieces to create an ambience that was rooted and yet contemporary.

All the furniture (mostly of solid wood) was sourced locally with a few bespoke pieces like the breakfast counter and the coffee table. These were designed and crafted by Design Circle by laminating slim sections of various timbers (teak, sal, mango, jackfruit and rubber wood) to create a sheet of solid wood sheet which had a naturally tactile and visual richness.

Other furniture was sourced from leading Home decor store.

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