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Sustainable design projects by Studio CaberlonCaroppi

Studio CaberlonCaroppi
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Studio CaberlonCaroppi

Architects and founders Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi of Studio CaberlonCaroppi are promoting sustainable design with their latest projects in the hospitality sector.

CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects is an architecture studio born in 2004 from the design spirit shared by the two architects and founders Chiara Caberlon and Ermanno Caroppi. The studio aims at developing new tailor-made hospitality concepts dedicated to all categories of the hospitality sector, from historic hotels to business hotels, from prestigious resorts to intimate boutique hotels, each time designing a functional layout capable of reflecting the client’s needs at best, maintaining a strong connection with local traditions yet breaking away from a conventional and stereotyped offer. 

The Architecture Studio CaberlonCaroppi is promoting sustainable design in the hospitality sector. In recent years the theme of sustainability has become fundamental in the approach to design, and it is almost unthinkable to think of producing anything without considering the impact on the environment. 

CaberlonCaroppi has been working in the hotel industry for more than 10 years and analyses the term sustainability in this sector from different points of view. Studio CaberlonCaroppi took part in the round table on 20 October, creating a stimulating dialogue about the complex and important issue of environmental sustainability in the hotel sector. 

Studio CaberlonCaroppi at the Round Table “Nature and the Environment” will bring to the attention of the designer their needs. This approach becomes a stimulus for creativity even in terms of management solutions that involve not only the use of low- or zero-impact materials, but especially the development of innovative technologies that help recalibrate the use of space and time. “It is necessary to expand from the purely “ecological” connotations because we must take into account all the issues related to the respect of the territory in terms of impact and exploitation as well as obviously discover a new design approach” – affirms the Studio – “The sustainable management of the hotel is an integral part of the design process, for us, it must have equal weight in the conversation that is established between the client (the customer) and the studio. 

For this reason, and a part of our nature, we have been thinking and evaluating the environment for a few years now, not only as a variable but as a real partner to be included with the same voice at the design table together with our clients. 

Each project, therefore, becomes the combination of the customer’s needs, aesthetic, functional, and our creative and design ideas, in total respect of environmental needs, related to sustainability in the first place and then to the local territory in the broader sense.” 

When we talk about Interior Design we mean environments as relational spaces, designed to embrace, and organize all human activities, involving the user on a physical, emotional, and social level. Interior design is among the most dynamic project areas: attention to the choice of materials and details, creativity, and trend analysis. 

“Being sustainable does not mean only and exclusively recycling and selecting products made according to certain ethical and quality standards, these standards are now considered certain, but it means reflecting and addressing the design taking into account the intrinsic characteristics of the territory in which it will be located in order to respect and represent it, taking into account time as a parameter to be respected” – explains the Studio.

A brilliant approach that examines and explores sustainability beyond the surface truths, bringing to life both the design, as well as the geography, in a beautiful harmonious co-existence.

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