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Thalassa Restaurant in Mumbai

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Thalassa Restaurant in Mumbai

The magnanimous Greek hospitality with design elements that translate into all things happy… A freshness that hits you like a blast from the Meditteranean and right in the middle of the city…leaving you wanting for more…

Thalassa, at 21st street Khar, is Mariketty’s foray into the heart of Mumbai. It offers the signature warmth and sheer happiness of Greek hospitality, coupled with the tranquil atmosphere and the laidback bohemian vibe of Goa.

It’s a sprawling yet intimate space that is most inviting and comfortable. The design and ambiance of Thalassa transports you to Greece with its white and turquoise decor, vintage terrazzo flooring, rustic wooden furniture, and traditional music. Canopied with bougainvillea, nestled away from Mumbai’s chaotic pace, is a courtyard where time slows down over good food and wine. The distinctly airy, Mediterranean summer-holiday vibe of the Thalassa brand is captured with whimsical elements that are reminiscent of the sea, creating the feel of a quaint taverna in the winding lanes of Santorini.

There is an honest, organic feel to the interiors, and everywhere one sees the signs of a chef with a big personality. The courtyard comes into its own after dark, and there’s a plush, underground, wine cellar named after Dionysus – the God of Wine. As owner-chef Mariketty says, “These tables are for dancing on…”

Thalassa is not just another themed restaurant but so much more. The architects Nitin Khatwani and Bharat Shivdasani from Watermarks have imparted a sense of clarity and brought unique design elements that help recreate the Meditteranean feel for the visitors. There is a marked difference giving each of the designs an individual distinct character in spite of emerging from the same design fabric.

Maia Katrak from The Republic, an advertising and design agency responsible for the very appealing interior deco of Thalassa was keen to design a unique customer experience. They brought in their expert understanding of the young, affluent, wired, urban consumer in turn helping them achieve the right look and tone.

A great Goa vibe with the tranquil atmosphere, laidback, bohemian spirit, and the smell of the sea, it often feels less like a restaurant and more like a comfortable, cozy home of a Greek friend. A friend named Mariketty…

Address: Khar Danda, Mumbai, India

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