Vita Vitrified Tiles

Vita Vitrified Tiles woodland collection inspired by forests and cultures

Designers from Vita Vitrified Tiles have created 30+ exceptional wooden textures for our wooden tiles collection called ‘woodland’, by exploring cultures and forests of various continents of the world.

The perfection and high quality of wood look tiles ensure perfect laying, and at first glance, it is almost impossible to realize that it is tiling and not an authentic high-quality wooden floor.

Vita offers a wide choice of wood effect floors; simply choose the one that suits your taste and ideas best. Their consultants can give the best possible advice, helping the client choose the best type to suit their needs. The patterns are created by combining different shades of wood, which change colour throughout their life cycle, creating classic or more informal atmospheres each time.

The colour shades, therefore, suggest freshly cut, natural wood used in interiors shielded from the elements, or wood used for exterior works in burnished shades where exposed to direct sunlight or darker greys when kept in the shade.

Wood-look tiles are one of the key trends for indoor and outdoor flooring, capturing the beauty of natural timber and combining it with the durability of ceramic tiles.

These products from VITA look so real to the naked eye that it is nearly impossible to know that it is not real wood. Due to advancements in technology and manufacturing processes, this tile flooring contains a level of detail not previously possible. The detail is highly innovative and precise making these products mirror the look and feel of a hand-scraped wood floor.

These are the products from the ‘Woodland’ collection: 


Fabulous texture with the feel of raw ash of olive tree family found from North Europe.

Aivery wood 

It is a fusion texture developed with aivery color feel given to raw wood.


It’s a great mixture of Indo-European culture depicting the beauty of both cultures into a single texture.


The textured design inspired by the sliced tree wood patterns

Arctic wood 

The texture with whitish frozen feeling displaying colors of Arctic Ocean and its many islands like Greenland, Amsterdam, Hudson etc.

Ogea wood 

An excellent texture from the jungles of Western Africa.


A great combination of Old Western Europe and North Africa into one texture with a never before seen design.


This texture is derived from a wood that is processed and made with seven different kinds of wood from Atlanta, California, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Japan, Australia.

Irish wood 

The marvelous design has been inspired by the Republic of Ireland.

Lati wood 

Something that appears durable with yellowish and reddish feel developed from Western Africa.

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