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The Wyss+Santos architectural firm has designed a private villa

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The Wyss+Santos architectural firm has designed a private villa with large volumes and a balanced modernist structure.

Füllinsdorf is a small Swiss municipality in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, in the district of Liestal. There, the Wyss+Santos architectural firm has designed a private villa with large volumes and a balanced modernist structure, towering over the city and offering an impressive view of the surrounding plain.

Spaces are organised in large rooms; the interplay between indoors and outdoors is dominated by the airiness of the essential windows; a classic colour palette develops a sober alternation of light and dark tones; all these design choices led Wyss+Santos to turn to the primordial, powerful aesthetics of Caesar’s Clash collection in the Soul finish for the flooring.

Clash is the ideal product to combine the instinctive beauty of stone with the incomparable performance of Caesar porcelain stoneware. Inspired by ancient quartzite, forged by the action of primordial forces of nature, Clash comes in five colour versions: Wish, Nature, Essence, Spirit and, indeed, Soul.

What made Wyss+Santos takes the decision, first of all, was the aesthetic result – a beauty that combines discretion and incisiveness – the texture and colour of Clash Soul are in fact perfect for embodying the concept of the building: home, swimming pool and surroundings. 

A prime example of this is the colour effect of the Soul shade right in the swimming pool, where the water takes on natural shades reminiscent of the most exotic and fascinating seas. However, design compatibility also benefited from more functional and performance-oriented advantages, the entire Clash collection features great versatility in terms of finishes, dimensions, and thickness. Clash offers the right solution for every setting: Natural, for indoor residential and commercial spaces, grip, for indoor and outdoor environments requiring high slip resistance.

It is textured, finishing with all the advantages of the 20 mm thickness of the Caesar Aextra20 range, to meet the needs of outdoor design. The wide range of sizes allows maximum freedom of application in all uses and stylistic continuity between indoor and outdoor places. Ceramiche Caesar confirms themselves as a top choice for quality of material and the perfect synthesis of beauty, functionality, and innovation.

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