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A penthouse in Hong Kong designed by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo

A penthouse designed by Boca do Lobo mixes the vibrant with the patterned to create a unique open style of luxury. Characterized by its eclectic and contemporary architecture, Hong Kong, is the perfect city for Boca do Lobo’s studio’s most recent luxury loft. The Penthouse, with a panoramic view of Victoria Harbor and the world-famous Hong Kong skyline, is located near the city’s Central Business District and offers an unparalleled level of luxury and modernity.

Open space was the main concept when developing this interior design project. This exclusive loft provides its owners with sprawling rooms that share a cohesive design aesthetic and yet each has a unique and distinctive appeal. 


The modern house entrance is key for setting the tone in any contemporary design. This penthouse is an industrial open space with concrete walls and ceilings that are high enough to accommodate the opulence of the Supernova Chandelier, one of Boca do Lobo’s most-wanted pieces. The house was designed by Boca do Lobo Design Studio, with minimal interruption of natural light and views through floor-to-ceiling windows. To enhance this area’s natural lighting the Disruption Rug by Rug Society is one of the interior design projects only pieces that combines pattern and vibrant color. To match the natural tones of the Rug and the Botti Floor Lamp by Delightfull, Monocles Sideboard finishes in both brass and wood bring all of the welcoming vibes together in one space.


An ideal gathering space should be full of life, vibrant, and filled with energy. This modern living is filled with glamorous details that together create the perfect gathering setting. The mixtures of patterns and textures of the interior design piece fuel creativity and inspire an opulent way of living. The mixture of different colors, light fixtures, and furniture makes the living room more interesting and vivid. The rawness of the walls calls back to the industrial style of this home, contrasting with the luxurious and glamorous interior design pieces. Taking center stage, two pieces showstopping Boca do Lobo pieces, the Odette Sofa set and the Lapiaz Marble Center Table work together to enhance the ambiance. Adding a pop of color to this room, the Marco green velvet armchair by Essential Home doesn’t compromise the overall elegance. A custom Monochrome Faux Marble Console shows Boca do Lobo’s studio ability to fulfill the client’s most wanted dreams. The view from the wide windows are overwhelming and to overcome this environment the Botti floor lamp paired with the Palm Rug from Rug Society leads to a more comfortable and welcoming space.  


Continuing with the concept of open space the dining and kitchen area boast ample rooms, making them the optimal places for gathering loved ones. Ideal for big events, the Pietra Nero Marquina Marble Dining Table seats 8 guests making it the center of celebrations. At the head of the modern design piece, the Marco armchair by Essential Home takes the leading spot at the table, alongside the set of 6 Soleil Green Velvet dining chairs. Lighting up the entire ambiance, the Botti Suspension Lamp gives the perfect subject of conversation during festive occasions. The marble kitchen island along with two nº11 Barstools provides a more casual setting. 


With a clear vision and noble finishes, the home office space is the place to organize the mind and to create new beginnings. Transforming the home office into a serene, productive, and inspiring space that will help discover new ways to grow professionally, the Empire Desk – one of Boca do Lobo’s newest creations – is the focal piece. Its marble design combines with the white marble Stonehenge Side Table, bringing serenity into the room. The Coltrane Floor Lamp and Single Wall Lamp by DelighFULL add touches of class to the space. The Minelli Bookcase adorns the concrete walls and pairs beautifully with the contemporary Inkage Rug by Rug’s Society.


The Master Bedroom concept is to align the Feng Shui of the Penthouse with the style of the owner and the result is a very unusual yet functional space made to rest with comfortable design and inspire with personalized decor. Showcasing Boca do Lobo’s studio talent, the Symphony nightstand is costumed to feature a faux marble bottom. The subtle Feel Lamp adds delicateness to the nightstand making an accurate combination set. This exclusive bedroom wins the patterns category, by mixing and matching different decor details, as is the case with the Lucy Rug by Rug Society.


Marble is the main finish in the entire apartment but it’s in the master bathroom that this astonishing material takes the center stage. The floors, walls are surrounded by this natural stone which gives a very elegant look to the bathroom. As the Crown Jewel, the Black Diamond Bathtub by Maison Valentina features gold details specifically thought to enhance the rest of the glamorous details of the 2 Symphony Freestand. This unique design product covered in gold brass was conceived to mimic the look of a calming waterfall.

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