Fall décor trends 2021

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Fall décor trends 2021

Fall is in the air, we bring to you some of the best decor trends from all over the world for Fall 21!

Cozy fabrics, warm, earthy tones, vintage pieces and private spaces are taking over the fall design scene. We bring you some fall décor trends from all over the world for Fall 2021! So read on and bring the love of fall inside your home!

Earthy Tones

Brown is the new grey. All the cool-toned accents are headed in the opposite direction. Browns, taupes, greens, and everything in between are coming back in fashion. And there is no better time to introduce these colors than fall. Warm up your space and make it feel instantly cozier with earth tones


In terms of upholstery, fall’s biggest trend is velvet, and we couldn’t be happier. Luxuriously plush and all-around irresistible, velvet is the perfect texture for creating a cozy, fall-ready ambiance.   Embrace the velvet plush luxury, add the velvet sofas and pillows because velvet is already warm and comfortable by nature, you can have fun with bold, cooler colors – and not worry about detracting from a cozy fall ambiance

Retro Fusion

Retro Fusion in big and small doses will help your existing furniture instantly pop and feel new. It’s all about a combination of 70’s rich warm color palettes, such as mustard-and-honey yellows, millennial shades of pink, dramatic tones of red and lush greens. It combines Art Deco and Bauhaus lines in furniture – and it’s all inspired by the ‘20s and ‘40s of the last century. Besides warm colors and curvy scallop shapes, another bold characteristic of this trend is the return of velvet furnishing. The once old-fashioned multidimensional fabric is now embraced and reintroduced as new, luxurious, and comforting.

Bespoke and Vintage furniture

Between the cottage core and eclectic modern design trends, this one should come as no surprise: vintage, bespoke and personalized homewares are all the rage for fall 2021. Antique furnishings mixed with more contemporary pieces and a little whimsy go a long way to keep the look from getting too referential.

Bringing the outdoor indoor

Bringing nature in doesn’t have to be so literal. It can mean switching to natural fibers (rattan, cane, wicker, wood), fabrics (wool, linen, cotton), and maximizing natural light. You can see it most often in wallpaper panels and ceramics. Also, add house plants too but this trend is more about bringing outdoor elements inside through furnishings, textures, and patterns inspired by nature.

Have a great Fall!

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