ABK Group’s new 3D technology tiles 2022

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ABK Group

The leading Italian tile brand ABK Group has come up with new offerings in ceramic tiles with the latest technology and designs.

Technology and design in the new ceramic offerings from ABK Group were showcased at Cersaie 2022, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings. The ABK group showcased products from their brands ABKFlaviker, Abkstone and Materia, an immersive journey spanning colour and material based on the use of exclusive 3DTech and Full Vein 3D technologies. 3DTech technology allows for the application of thick layers of ceramic material in perfect alignment with the graphic design to create striking three-dimensional effects, while Full Vein 3D technology achieves greater graphic continuity between the surface and body of through-vein slabs thanks to the digitally controlled mixing of different coloured raw materials.

Colour and new decorative ideas take centre stage in the ABK space with Poetry Colors, the fourth chapter of the Poetry House project by Studio OTTO – Paola Navone. In this collection, six colours are used to convey the character and personality of each space with watercolour effects and highly varied tones, further emphasised by the use of glossy glaze and small-size tiles inspired by handmade majolica.

The brand also showcased the new Wide&Style Mini Vol. 2 ceramic wallpaper collection, which enters abstract territories with unusual geometries, linear textures and handmade style designs. Nature is the leitmotif of the Flaviker space with Four Seasons, an elegant wood-look surface available in three colours and open to stylistic crossover effects, even in the most elegant and luxurious contexts. The collection uses P.TECH technology, which improves the non-slip coefficient of the surface while maintaining a pleasant tactile sensation.

The Limoges antique stones and the Memories marble collection with versatile surfaces are also being presented for the first time. The Abkstone and Materia spaces feature extra-thick marble-effect ceramic tiles made with Full Vein 3D technology, which offer a perfect combination of technological innovation and aesthetics.

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