Tile Trends at Cersaie 2023

A sneak peek into some of the most stunning brands showcased in the 40th Edition of Cersaie 2023

The 40th Edition of Cersaie 2023 which took place from September 25-29, 2023 in Bologna, Italy, brought together many brands, showcasing their stunning collections in tiles, décor and design. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the collections…

Gardenia Orchidea

Gardenia Orchidea develops increasingly effective and technologically advanced solutions for the world of architecture and interior design with its new collections, with an attentive eye on changes in tastes and living trends. Colours and materials define new sophisticated surfaces with stunning visual impacts and textures

The brand uses a unique, cutting-edge system in which the controlled deposition of raw materials prior to pressing reproduces the visual effect created by the forces of nature over millions of years. Seamless continuity between the body and the surface is also guaranteed by the high-resolution digital decoration process, which helps to create an even more realistic product.


Renowned for its intriguing, visionary style, Versace Ceramics takes the spotlight at Cersaie to tell the story of a unique and inimitable brand, from fashion to ceramic surfaces by presenting their latest collection LA GRECA SIGNATURE, a captivating spin-off of the ICONS series which has already garnered international acclaim. Another notable new product is TARSIA, a collection inspired by the intricate inlaid surfaces that can be admired in the historic Versace headquarters via Gesu in Milan.

This collection’s elegant decoration offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the exquisite inlays still to be found in the Milan location. Also, there are GEMSTONE’s ceramic surfaces, which embrace the concept of “natural” luxury, as well as the DETAILS range of refined design accessories, from new towel rails to bathroom shelves complementing the GREEK collection. These products all bear the unmistakable Versace touch, embodying the essence of one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses.

ABK Group

Design is poetry applied to space, an artistic interpretation of matter, and it is no coincidence that Italian designers are admired all over the world. One of these is Paola Navone, a Milanese designer, architect and art director renowned for her eclectic personality, free spirit and interest in different cultures.

A collaboration between ABK and Paola Navone OTTO Studio has resulted in POETRY HOUSE, a project that explores creative experiences, materials and graphic designs inspired by her most iconic and representative works. It is an authentic poetry of living, a distillation of the personal history and artistic experience that the designer brings to architectural spaces POETRY HOUSE is the first step in a collaboration that will see ABK strengthen its presence in the world of design and is destined to continue in the future.

Desvres Ariana

Plein Air is the Desvres Ariana collection that best meets the need to live in open spaces, surrounded by the beneficial power of nature, but with all the comforts of an impeccably designed environment. Natural materials, in fact, are the inspiration for these new outdoor surfaces that evoke the mood of outdoor parquet flooring. These 30×120 cm ceramic planks reproduce the modern wooden decking designed for terraces, gardens, walkways and pool sides. Plank offers a minimalist, finely-grained texture, while Raye recreates the tridimensional effect of anti-slip ribbing.


MOU is a ceramic wallcovering inspired by the Italian characteristic patterns of the 70s, the result of a careful study of the colours and structure of the material. The 3-dimensional collection is depicted by warm glazes that vary from bright to dazzling opaques, allowing it a dynamic and vibrant play of shadows and reflections. The possible declensions are numerous but the end result is unique. MOU, an unmistakable taste. 

Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde presented the new Marvel Meraviglia collection and collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects. The collection is named after Calacatta Meraviglia, a timeless marble characterized by the purity of its white composition that incorporates slender veins and soft weaves. With neutral shades drawn from the finest marbles that also include Calacatta Bernini, Silver Majestic and Black Origin, the collection echoes the natural palate and grain of each marble in a variety of finishes and specifications for both indoor and outdoor use. Providing the Marvel Meraviglia collection with a bespoke decorative line, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has reinterpreted traditional mosaic patterning in a unique range of mosaic decors named ‘Diamond’ that has been informed by the concept of transformation.


The latest VIVES collections filled the different spaces of the stand, showing all their varied personality and the multiple possibilities that the firm offered. His vision of what he considers a ceramic aesthetic in keeping with the new times is evident in each of the exhibitions in which VIVES participates. Elegance, design and creativity were the standards of VIVES in this edition of CERSAIE 2023.

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