All you need to know about the 29th Marble Izmir Fair 2024

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Held for the 29th time this year, Marble İzmir – International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair brings the industry together between 17th – 20th April 2024 at Fuarizmir

Hosted by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and held by İZFAŞ, the biggest global gathering of the natural stone industry, Marble İzmir International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair will continue to be the beacon of hope for the industry this year thanks to its trade volume. The fair will see all natural stone companies in the closed halls of fuarizmir, while most of Hall C and all of Hall D will host machine and technology companies. The block marble area will once again showcase hundreds of blocks of natural stone in various colours and varieties, as it did last year.

Only natural stone and natural stone products, machines and technologies to be showcased

This year, due to the decision made on the requests of industry representatives, Marble İzmir will showcase only natural stone, natural stone products, machines and technologies. Since 1998, Marble İzmir has been a member of the International Union of Fairs (UFI), playing a crucial role in increasing the market share of Turkish natural stone and reaching new markets.

The natural stone export of Türkiye in the first year of Marble İzmir was $77 million; but over the years, with the contribution of the fair, exports reached $2 billion. The industry enhanced the fair, the fair developed the industry, turning Marble İzmir into the lifeline of natural stone exports over the years. Türkiye’s advantage in having one-third of the world’s reserves in the natural stone sector, along with its richness in colour and pattern, has contributed approximately $20 billion to the Turkish economy in the last decade.

The first 2 months of 2024 have seen an increase of natural stone exports by 5% to $274 million, compared to last year. The fair is expected to continue contributing to creating a larger trade volume than in previous years and help the natural stone sector achieve new export targets. The interest and demand for the fair strengthen the natural stone sector on international platforms, further solidifying Türkiye’s leadership in this field.

Up to 100 thousand guests are expected

Starting with 47 local participants in Kültürpark in its first year and hosting 4,719 attendees, Marble İzmir Fair reached 1,015 participants last year, 167 of which were foreign, welcoming a total of 79,153 visitors, including 9,056 from 148 countries. This year, the fair is expected to host nearly 100,000 visitors from Türkiye and all around the world.

Trade volume to increase with procurement committees

Marble İzmir collaborates with commercial attachés in the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, expecting participants and visitors from all around the world. With the support of the Ministry of Trade’s export-oriented initiatives, three separate procurement committee programs will be conducted in partnership with the Aegean Mineral Exporters

Association, Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters’ Association, and West Mediterranean Exporters Association., Hundreds of foreign customers from target countries such as the United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Italy, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Azerbaijan will be hosted within the scope of these programs. During the fair, B2B meeting programs will be organized to facilitate fast and effective meetings between participant companies and customers. Foreign visitors from a total of 59 countries spanning every continent, from Australia to Italy, from the United States to China, registered through the website.

Marble İzmir will feature participants from various sectors including natural stone and its products, mining consumables, factory and workshop consumables, mining machinery, construction machinery and heavy equipment, factory and workshop machinery, environmental protection, recycling and recovery systems, sectoral organizations, information technology and software companies, transportation and logistics services, financing and credit services, public and official institutions, associations, unions, and NGOs, as well as media institutions and organizations.

The visitor profile of the fair includes natural stone processing machinery and technology dealers and wholesalers, natural stone applicators, construction and contracting companies, project management and consultancy firms, construction supervision companies, architecture offices, building markets, building materials wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, construction machinery dealers and wholesalers, mining and natural stone companies from all around the world.

“Novel” designs come alive in Marble İzmir

Marble İzmir also hosts a natural stone design competition. With the 6th edition of the International Innovative Natural Stone Design Competition, Marble İzmir brings together young designers with innovative companies in the industry. The competition aims to increase the value of natural stone exports by supporting them with design and architecture, showcasing the innovative face of Turkish natural stone in the market. Unique designs to be implemented in the competition will meet visitors at Marble İzmir.

This year, young designer candidates from 20 countries participated in the competition with a total of 1,265 projects using natural stone. Out of these, 34 projects that made it to the finals through jury evaluation will be implemented by innovative companies in the industry, and the winners will be announced at the 29th Marble İzmir Fair.

İzmir will experience Marble’s abundance

In addition to contributing to the sector and its sub-sectors, exports and employment, Marble
İzmir will also have a positive impact on the city and country’s economy in many areas from
tourism to accommodation, from transportation to the food and beverage sector, as in previous
years. Local and foreign participants and visitors who will come to the city for the fair will
make the abundance of Marble felt in İzmir.

Marble mobile app provides convenience

Marble İzmir mobile application, developed last year, will continue to be an informative guide this year as well. The application will inform everyone from all over the world who has heard of Marble İzmir, wants to come, makes purchases and wants to be informed about the products. Through the application, which can be used on both phones and smart devices, all information about Marble İzmir and the participating companies will be accessible. The application, available for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play for smartphones and tablets, will be published in both Turkish and English, providing convenience to participants and visitors.

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