H&R Johnson launched ‘The House of Johnson Experience Centers’

H&R Johnson recently launched their ambitious next generation of stores,“The House of Johnson Experience Centers’ in Kolkata, Chennai and Guwahati.

The House of Johnson Experience Centers are new experiential stores housing a wide variety of high quality products, displays and mock-ups of various brand verticals including Tiles, Sanitaryware, Modular Kitchens and Engineered Marble & Quartz. Intended as the future of designing living and commercial spaces, these advanced stores offer state-of-the-art 3D Virtual Reality Platforms where customers can select and view tiles for floors and walls in an astonishingly realistic virtual environment.In addition to the ground-breaking 3D Virtual Reality Platform, these futuristic Experience Centers are also equipped with ultramodern digital tools like a space visualizer to mix and match tiles for different spaces, virtual catalogues, and even user friendly interactive touch screens to browse through H&R Johnson’s entire innovative product range.

These Experience Centers will also house trained, experienced and knowledgeable staff to facilitate customers who come on their own; understand their needs and preferences and offer the best customized solutions that meet their design and budget needs. Thus, customers & designers will not only be able to visualize the latest products in these centers but will also be able to find new ideas and suggestions for designing different spaces – all under one roof! At these novel display centers it will be possible to shortlist, get estimates and book any desired and selected product.

While the store in Kolkata is the largest, spanning over 8500 sq. ft. the Guwahati and Chennai stores are not far behind encompassing spaces over 4000 sq. ft. and 7000 sq. ft. respectively.

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